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Photo-Ionization Detectors - RAE Systems MultiRAE PlusThe Equipment You Need

At Environmental Equipment & Supply, we carry a wide variety of equipment, including safety equipment, field and sampling supplies, pumps and monitoring instruments. Every product is shipped serviced and ready to use. We would be happy to provide advice on what to buy and how best to use it. In the environmental, commercial and construction marketplace, we have been serving our customers for over 26 years. When you need quality and reliability, rely on Environmental Equipment & Supply. Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

Roofing Kits - RK Deluxe & RKB Series Roofer's Kits Safety Equipment to Protect your Workers

From safety glasses to hearing protection, Environmental Equipment & Supply offers a full line of safety gear and clothing to protect your crew on the job. By utilizing the right safety equipment, you reduce the risks to your workers, protecting them from exposure to chemicals and other dangers. To safeguard your workers, we carry many types of safety equipment, including safety gloves, safety glasses, respiratory equipment, headgear, hearing protection, protective wear and more.

Safety Glasses, Over The GlassesLooking for Protective Goggles
To protect eyes from airborne hazards including flying debris, smoke, chemical splashes, bright lights, corrosive liquids and more, Environmental Equipment & Supply carries a line of safety glasses. Protective goggles are a necessity for many professions, especially where there is a potential for eye damage. Give your workers the eye protection they need with safety glasses from Environmental Equipment & Supply.

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Petroflex GlovesSafety Gloves Safeguard Hands

Protection for hands is necessary in many professions and absolutely crucial where exposure is a concern. Environmental Equipment & Supply carries a line of protective gloves perfect for a variety of applications from medical to environmental requirements. To prevent accidents in the workplace, our safety gloves protect your workers' hands, keeping them safe and secure. If you are searching for a certain type of chemical resistant glove, we have the disposable gloves for you. We offer nitrile, latex and vinyl protective gloves in a variety of sizes and styles, including powder and powder-free options. Our safety gloves are available in industrial and exam grades.

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Clear-View Disposable BioBailersQuality Sampling Equipment

Field sampling requires the highest attention to detail and strict regulation. It can also be one of the most critical aspects of any job. For quality sampling equipment you can rely on, buy sampling equipment from Environmental Equipment and Supply. We proudly offer a variety of field and sampling supplies, including PTFE tubing, filters, aqua bailers, Clearview bailers, detector tubes, carbon filter systems, air calibration and water calibration. Browse our large selection to find the supplies you need.

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Grundfos Ground Water PumpsPumps

Whether you are looking for a commercial or residential pump, Environmental Equipment & Supply offers a huge selection of pumps from the top manufacturers in the business, such as Grundfos, Franklin Electric and Proactive. We sell many different types of pumps, including well pumps, constant pressure pumps, environmental pumps, 12 volt pumps, peristaltic pumps and more. Our pumps come in various flow rates and horsepower to accommodate your individual application. Contact us today if you need help selecting a well pump or use our helpful pump selecting tool to find the right pump for your application.

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Monitoring Well ManholesKey Field Products and Supplies

Environmental Equipment & Supply carries a variety of monitoring well screen and casing products, well supplies and spill control products. Some of the well supplies we carry include monitoring well manholes, bentonite, sand, concrete mix, plugs, compression plugs, well caps, and pitless adapters. Sump socks, oil absorbent pads, drums, emergency spill kits, caution tape, and drum liners are just a few of the spill control products we stock. Browse our large selection of products and stock up on the field supplies you need.

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Solinst Levelogger EdgeMonitoring Instruments from all the Top Names

A crucial part of any safety program, air monitoring ensures workers are not overexposed to dangerous chemicals. Water monitoring instruments provide information about the quality of groundwater and surface water and can also measure depth. When you are searching for quality air and water monitoring instruments, turn to Environmental Equipment and Supply. We carry all the top brands and models, including RAE Systems, Solinst, Horiba, In-Situ, Waterra and more.

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Clearance - Discounted and Used Equipment

Save money on environmental equipment with huge discounts on used products. To highlight our most popular and new products, we lower prices for a limited time. Check out our clearance page often for sales you don't want to miss! Get the same quality and reliability you have come to expect from Environmental Equipment & Supply for less!

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