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Miscellaneous Rentals

If you need additional equipment to complete a large or one-off job, contact Environmental Equipment & Supply. We offer flexible rental terms for noise dosimeters and mercury detectors, as well as several other products, that save you the expense of purchasing an item you’ll only use once.

NoisePro DLX Noise Dosimeter

Environmental Equipment & Supply offers noise dosimeter rentals for all applications. Noise remains one of the most prevalent occupational hazards, and proper monitoring is essential when determining hearing conservation programs and other essential safety plans. We rent the NoisePro DLX noise dosimeter, a sophisticated instrument for measuring and logging noise exposure levels. Included QuestSuite Professional software allows for advanced offline data analytics which can be useful in monitoring trends and determining remediation protocols. A rugged, professional instrument, the NoisePro DLX noise dosimeter also includes the following advanced features:

  • Data logging of averaged and maximum readings at fixed one minute intervals.
  • Programmability for up to two daily runs or four one-time events.
  • Digital readout displays potential compliance issues in real time.
  • IP-65 rated casing.
  • Certified intrinsically safe.

Other Rental Items:

  • Auto-levelers: Our rental auto levelers offer clear optics and accuracy of ±.008 ft. in one mile of double-run leveling. Rental units are easy to set up and feature automatic compensation and an endless tangential horizontal drive.
  • Measuring wheels: Perfect for measuring distances up to 1000 feet without the use of tape. Features a 11.25” wheel with a smooth PVC rim for ease of use.
  • Measuring tapes: Durable, easy-to-read measuring tape is available in both 100’ and 300’ lengths. Housed in an easy-to-reel nylon drum for smooth unfurling at any time.
  • Power Converters: Use the AC Anywhere™ Powerverter to run AC-powered devices from your vehicle battery.

For all your short-term environmental equipment needs – from noise dosimeters to confined gas monitors – contact our rental team today.

NoisePro DLX
Miscellaneous Rentals
Daily Weekly Monthly
Auto Level $ 40 $ 100 $ 225 Rent »
Measuring Wheel - 11.25" Wheel $ 10 $ 30 $ 70 Rent »
Measuring Tape - 200' $ 7 $ 21 $ 58 Rent »
Noise Dosimeter - NoisePro DLX $ 50 $ 130 $ 400 Rent »
Power Watt Inverter 12v to 115v 750 FC $ 20 $ 60 $ 180 Rent »