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Sump Pumps


Myer's Sump Pump
Sump Pump Prices
Part Number Price
Sump Pump, ″BIG JOHN″, 1/3hp, 115V, 6-CIA w/10' power cord (Little Giant) 18673 $165.00 Order »
Sump Pump, ″WATER WIZARD″, 1/6hp,5MSP25, (Little Giant) 18675 $118.00 Order »
Sump Pump, ″ELIMINATOR″, 1/3hp, 115V, 6E-CIA-SFS w/10' power cord (Little Giant) 18676 $160.00 Order »
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Environmental Equipment & Supply offers a large variety of sump pumps by reliable manufacturers Little Giant and Myers. Each of the sump pumps we inventory are designed to cater to a particular need or style preference.

Sump Pumps By Little Giant

As one of the most recognized brands in the industry, Little Giant sump pumps are known for their dependability, ease of use, superior quality and affordability. We offer the Big John, Water Wizard and Eliminator models.

Big John Sump Pumps

The Big John submersible sump pump is for residential and light commercial use. The 1/3 HP 6-CIA sump pump delivers efficient and reliable service. Oil fills the cat-iron motor housing for excellent heat dissipation and lifetime lubrication. This sump pump provides a 1-1/2" discharge with an 18" maximum head. Designed for continuous duty, the Big John sump pump is an excellent choice for any job.

Water Wizard Sump Pumps

The Water Wizard submersible sump pump can pump down to 1/8" with its powerful 1/6HP, 127V shaded pole motor and the removable bottom inlet screen makes cleaning easy. Some notable features of this sump pump include a garden hose adapter, epoxy-coated cast aluminum housing, thermal overload protection and an 18" power cord, as well as a nylon volute and impeller.

Eliminator Sump Pumps

Specifically created to handle the tough and demanding jobs of effluent and sewage waste transfer, Eliminator submersible sump pumps offer high efficiency and long-term dependability. For residential and light commercial use, this sump pump has a 1/3 HP shaded pole motor with overload protection specifically designed for continuous duty. The Eliminator sump pump features a 1-1/2" FNPT discharge, a 20' maximum head, epoxy-coated cast iron housing and multiple switch options for automatic operation. When you need reliable and efficient service, choose the Eliminator sump pump from Little Giant.

Myers Sump Pumps, Model Numbers SP25A1 & SP25V1

The SP25A1 and SP25V1 model sump pump by Myers are designed for drain water removal, as well as permanent applications with small amounts of debris. Their energy saving and low amp HP (3450 RPM) 115 Volt motors have built in overload protection. Features of these sump pumps include cast iron housing for superior heat dissipation, dual ball bearing, non-clogging recessed impeller and long-life carbon/ceramic seal. Positive sealing, quick-disconnect power and switch cords make replacement simple. The SP25A1 model sump pump has a wide-angle float switch, while the SP25V1 model has a vertical float switch. Although it requires a larger sump chamber, a wide-angle float switch is the most reliable. This type of switch does not turn on and off at the slightest wave action. A vertical float switch activates when the water lever lowers and no longer supports its hanging float.

What Are Submersible Sump Pumps?

Powered by electricity, submersible sump pumps are designed to work underwater and be installed in the ground. Their watertight, oil-cooled motors protect these submersible pumps from moisture and dust, in addition to giving them a long-life and the ability to fully function under water. Submersible sump pumps are placed at the bottom of a sump basin and are installed below the water level. The submersible sump pump offers the following advantages over the pedestal type: it can handle large quantities of water, requires less maintenance, is typically quieter and is less hazardous to children.

Options to Consider when Choosing a Sump Pump

  • Horsepower: the motor capacity required to discharge water
  • Sump pumps with automatic or manual operation: Manual pumps need to be turned off and on by an operator when appropriate. Automatic pumps have a switch wired to the sump pump, which turns it on and off when proper water levels are reached.
  • Head pressure: This is the maximum height a sump pump will move water. A sump pump with a 10" max head will pump water 10’ before it completely loses flow.
  • Power Cord Length
  • Phase and Voltage: Sump pumps come in single or three phases, as well as a variety of voltages.