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Geoprobe GP300 Grout/Injection Pump

Geoprobe GP300 Grout Pump
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GP300 Spec Sheet
GP300 Spec Sheet
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Rent the Geoprobe GP300 grout/injection pump for any application in which direct injection of remediation materials or bottom-up grouting is required. Powered by a manual-start 9 HP Honda engine, the Geoprobe GP 300 grout pump dispenses fluids or grouts at rates up to 3.5 gallons/min with pressures up to 1300 psi. Environmental Equipment & Supply rents the Geoprobe GP300 by the day, week or month; the unit can be shipped by ground freight to locations across the country.

Features and Specifications

  • Can be used to deliver standard ASTM grout mixes, caustic remediation fluids and HRC® and HRC-X® high-viscosity materials.
  • Dual reciprocating pump-type pistons provide a near-constant flow of material.
  • The pump features a hydraulic cooling system for continuous operation at longer pumping intervals, like those required to deliver permanganates and other oxidants to remediate specific water treatment problems.
  • Operating the pump at higher pressures makes it possible to deliver grouting through a small-diameter tremie tube.
  • The unit's injection machine features a variable-speed control valve and emergency kill switch for precise operation.
  • A 9.5 gallon grout hopper is attached to the unit, making sure you have ample supply of pumping material on hand.
  • Piston pumps can be disassembled and cleaned in less than five minutes; other components are removable for easy cleaning.
  • Optional Viton seals are available for pumping harsh remediation chemicals.

  • A Self-Contained Pumping Powerhouse

    The Geoprobe GP300 grout pump is designed to act as a truly self-contained unit, requiring no external power source and capable of operation independent of a direct-push machine or carrier vehicle. Weighing 325 lbs when empty, the GP300 comes on a roller cart for easy movement around a job site. The cart's handles can be removed in order to facilitate transportation and storage.


    The diversity of materials capable of being handled by the Geoprobe GP300 grout pump means the unit is suitable for a number of different environmental and construction applications. To discuss the needs of your project and determine whether or not the GP300 is the right fit, contact Environmental Equipment & Supply today; our team of experts is available to serve you! For over 25 years, we have been selling and renting pumping equipment to environmental professionals around the country.