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Grundfos Redi-Flo3 CU 300 & Accessories

CU300 Status BoxGrundfos CU 300 Control Box

The CU 300 works with your Redi-flo 3 pump to give you unmatched control for pumping monitoring wells and maintaining water levels for remediation systems.  Use the available Grundfos Go Remote to communicate to your SQE-NE pump through the CU 300, controlling your flow rate and levels.  The CU 300 is capable of controlling the pumps based on multiple sensor signals.  At the same time it could also monitor and display the system's performance continuously whilst also providing a variety of protection features. Use our part number 54120 when ordering the CU 300; sells for $545.

The CU 300 can be used in combination with the below sensors:

  • Pressure sensor, up to 6 bar or 120psi.
  • Level sensor, up to 10 bar with 10-105m cable
  • Pressure switch, up to 6 bar
  • Flow switch unit, up to 12 m3/h with 2m cable and 1" or 1 1/2" fittings
  • Flow meter, pulsating, up to 5 litre/pulse and 20 m3/h

Add a pressure transducer to the CU 300 status box and the well level can be maintained, allowing the Redi-flo 3 pump to slow down or speed up to keep the desired water level. This feature makes it easy to control underground water flow and manage your site. A CU 300 controller is required for each SQE-NE pump but one R100 remote can be used to manage up to 32 wells.

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Grundfos Go-Remote Dongle for Android & iProducts

The Grundfos Go-Remote System replaces the R100. Select the Dongle best suited for your mobile device to control SQE-NE pump through the Grundfos CU 300. 

CU300, Status Box 96422776 $ 545.00 Order »
PC Tool Link GENIBus to USB w/cables 96705378 $ 461.00 Order »
Grundfos SPP1 Potentiometer 625468 $ 176.00 Order »
Flow Sleeve 304SS Complete 98148594 $ 410.00 Order »
3" Stainless Steel Well Seal 001B5102 $ 30.00 Order »

Grundfos Go Remote
Dongle for iPhone 4/4s, iPad, or iPod touch (30 pin connector compatible) - MI 202 98046376 $ 382.00 Order »
Dongle for iPhone 5/5s, iPad, or iPod touch (lightening connector compatible) - MI 204 98424092 $ 382.00 Order »
Universal Bluetooth dongle for Android or iOS device - MI 301 98046408 $ 382.00 Order »


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