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Laval R-CAM Portable Borehole Cameras

Laval Underground Borehole Camera, R-CAM 1000

Laval Underground Borehole Camera Views
R-CAM 1000
Prep FeeDailyWeeklyMonthly
$ 100 $ 250 $ 975 $ 3,500
SC-350 (No side view)
Prep FeeDailyWeeklyMonthly
$ 75 $ 125 $ 400 $ 1,500

The Laval Underground R-CAM 1000 XS is a sophisticated dual-view camera built into a single housing that delivers clear imaging at depths up to 1000 feet. With the R-CAM 1000, you have the option of surveying not just a standard down view, but a full 360 degree left-to-right rotation as well. Best of the all, the camera head has no moving parts, making it suitable for deployment in boreholes between 3 and 4 inches. The camera's LED's provide lighting for the side and down the borehole. The R-CAM 1000 XS is suitable for boreholes up to 12 inches in diameter. Adding the tree light accessory allows viewing up to 20 inches in diameter.

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The small size and advanced imaging capabilities of the R-CAM 1000 dual cam system make it suitable for a number of different applications:

  • New construction and pre-purchase inspections: Use the R-CAM 1000 to offer customers a chance to confirm both the quality of your work and the overall state of their piping system.
  • Ground water monitoring: The R-CAM 1000 gives environmental technicians an up close look at ground water wells, suitable for confirming water quality, analyzing mineral conditions, geological strata and more.
  • After-service inspection: With the R-CAM 1000, you can confirm repairs and cleaning have been completed, assess compliance issues and track changes over time.
  • Maintenance: Regular inspections with an R-CAM 1000 can determine well conditions and subsequent service needs.
  • Tool retrieval: Find lost tools and other valuable items that have been dropped in wells and boreholes using the R-CAM 1000.


The Laval Underground R-CAM 1000 comes fully equipped with everything you need to get started, including the camera, control unit, lighting system, full-color video monitor and DVD recorder, power supply and portable reel. For situations in which expanded capabilities are required, the following options are available for rent from Environmental Equipment & Supply:

  • R-CAM Tri-Light: The Tri-Light consists of three military-grade dive lights pressure-rated to 1300 feet. Use the Tri-Light in conjunction with the R-CAM 1000 for expanded viewing range in wells with a diameter between 14-20" ID.
  • SC-166 camera: For work in narrow-diameter wells, swap out the R-CAM 1000's standard camera for an SC-166, Laval Underground's borehole camera for use in 2" or greater wells and monitoring holes.

Rental Information

Environmental Equipment & Supply is the only authorized Laval Underground dealer in the US offering the R-CAM 1000 for rent. We offer flexible terms by the day or month and fast shipping throughout the country. While the unit is in transit, in lieu of rental fees we charge a standard $50/day shipping fee to and from your location. An additional prep fee of $75 also applies.

If you are interested in purchasing a Laval Underground borehole camera system outright, or using one of our convenient lease-to-own options, contact our sales office for prices today. Our team is available from 7am to 6pm, Mondays through Friday. We have over 25 years of experience and can set you up with the package that's right for you.