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Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Drums and Accessories

Carbon || Carbon Filter Systems
Part Number Price
5-gallon Carbon Filter System - MOST POPULAR 11203 $ 245.00 Order »
In-Line Carbon Filter - 4" x 12" 11079 $ 155.00 Order »
55-gallon Vapor Phase Carbon Drum
w/ 2″ connections
17551 $ 665.00 Order »
55-gallon Liquid Phase Carbon Drum
w/ 1″ Connections
17547 $ 650.00 Order »
Bulk Carbon, 55-lb bag 17544 $ 150.00 Order »
Bag Filters, 4.25″ x 14.5″ 50 Micron 18621 $ 8.00 Order »
Bag Filters, 4.25″ x 14.5″ 100 Micron 18622 $ 8.00 Order »
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Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Drums and Accessories

Granular activated carbon makes an effective filtration medium for a variety of sampling and purging applications. Use a GAC drum filter for low flow sampling, well purging, soil vapor extraction, pilot testing, vent testing, disaster remediation and other procedures. Environmental Equipment & Supply carries a several different GAC drums and filters for light, medium and heavy duty use, as well as bag filters and bulk carbon in 55 gallon packages.

How GAC Drums Work

GAC drums use the power of activated carbon to filter out VOCs, SVOCs and other contaminants from a water supply source. Additionally, GAC drums can be used to remove odors and unpleasant tastes from drinking water supplies. The ability of granular carbon to effectively filter out contaminants is due to its extremely high porosity— one gram of activated carbon can have a surface area of more than 500m2.

The high surface area of GAC contributes to its superior adsorptive properties. As water passes through a GAC drum, organic compounds adhere to its surfaces and are removed. Aside from VOCs, GAC drums can filter out iodine, sulfuric acid, fertilizer and other irritants. Granular carbon does not bond well with alcohols, highly acidic or basic solutions, metals and other inorganic materials.

Carbon Filter Systems From Environmental Equipment & SupplyCarbon Filter

  • Five gallon carbon filter system: Our five gallon carbon filter systems contain 25 lbs of granular activated carbon, making them suitable for use in low flow sampling and purging applications at flow rates between one and three GPM (at 5 psi). Units feature a replaceable cloth pre-filter for removing heavy silt and other large particles, and an internal piping system to evenly distribute water throughout the filtration media.
  • In-line carbon filter: Also available are in-line carbon filters measuring 4" by 12". Use in-line filters for a number of environmental applications including purging, decontamination and more. Contact our sales team directly for more information.
  • 55 gallon liquid and vapor phase GAC drums: Use our liquid and vapor phase GAC drums for a number of different applications including soil remediation, PCB removal, stormwater treatment, wastewater filtration and more. Vapor phase GAC drums are outfitted with 2" connections; liquid phase GAC drums have 1" connections.
  • Also available in our online store are 55 lb bags of bulk carbon and 4.25" by 14.5" bag filters, available in both 50 and 100 micron sizes. Environmental Equipment & Supply has over 25 years of experience supplying environmental professionals with carbon filters, GAC drums and other products. Choosing a carbon filter requires a thorough assessment of your needs and an accurate calculation of your filter requirements - our sales team is available Monday through Friday to discuss the details of your project and help you select the item that's right for you.