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Ammex Products

Environmental professionals know Ammex gloves represent the leading edge of safety and comfort when working with hazardous materials. Environmental Equipment & Supply stocks Ammex latex gloves and other protective products at low prices with special discounts available for bulk orders.

Ammex Gloves

Where to Buy Ammex Gloves for Less

Make Environmental Equipment & Supply your first choice for refilling your stock of latex, nitrile or vinyl Ammex gloves. Different materials offer varying levels of protection against common hazards. To shop with confidence, download the Ammex chemical resistance chart for a complete set of guidelines and recommendations for the product that will offer the best protection for your purposes.

Ammex Nitrile Gloves
Ammex nitrile gloves have gained popularity in recent years as an alternative for people with latex sensitivities. Nitrile gloves also offer superior puncture- and abrasion resistance, making them a better value for applications that involve handling sharp or rough objects. Ammex nitrile gloves – including the Xtreme and GlovePlus product lines – are prized for their comfort and strength.

Ammex Nitrile Gloves

Ammex Vinyl Gloves
Use Ammex poly gloves in any situation where an economical alternative to latex is desired. Though they do not offer the resistance of nitrile, vinyl gloves are an excellent, comfortable choice for light-duty use.

Ammex Vinyl Gloves

Ammex Latex Gloves
Ammex latex gloves remain a popular seller due to the level of protection they offer from chemical and biological threats. Environmental Equipment & Supply carries Ammex GloveWorks products in both industrial and medical grades.

Ammex Latex Gloves



Ammex Protective Coverings

Aside from our comprehensive selection of Ammex gloves,  Ammex carries protective clothing for many different uses. From lab coats to shoe covers and more. Many products feature extended size ranges for proper fit. Don't forget that protective coverings go over your clothing, so make sure you purchase a larger size.

Bouffant Caps
When in the food industry, bouffant caps are a must because they offer sanitary protection for work environments. They are also ideal in electronics assembly and pharmaceutical applications, as they keep hair out of the way and clean. The caps are kept snugly in place with a comfortable elastic band that is not constricting. Bouffant caps are available in white/blue (sizes 21", 24", or 28"). There are 1000 caps per case.
White:                                  Blue:
BC21W - $27.00                  BC21B - $29.00
BC24W - $27.00                  BC24B - $33.00
BC28W - $40.00                  BC28B - $52.00

Bouffant Caps

Ammex Poly Sleeves
Poly sleeves help keep area and sleeves clean from dust, dirt, and other contaminants. Comfortable elastic wrists and elbows let the poly sleeves move with you. One size fits most. Case of 1000.
PSLEEVE - $32.00

Ammex Poly Sleeves

Child Disposable Bibs
Generously sized at 10 1/2" x 14 1/2", Ammex disposable bibs offer excellent coverage to protect clothes from spills. The bib also has a pocket to catch crumbs and other spills. Spills won't soak through, because the bibs are plastic. Keep kids cleaner during meals with an Ammex bib. There are 1500 bibs per case.
BIBC - $22.00

Disposable Bibs

Beard Covers
Ammex beard covers help keep facial hair under control. Prevent contaminating food or manufacturing workspaces. Ammex beard covers are made from hygienic non-linting spunbound polypropylene. Our beard covers are shear and comfortable. One size fits all.  Come in case of 1000.
BR1 - $24.00

Beard Covers

Hair Nets
Hairnets are essential for keeping hair out of the way, especially when working with food. Hair nets also offer protection in industrial applications. Comfortable elastic band keeps nylon mesh hair net snugly in place. Available in white or brown (sizes 21", 24", and 28"). 1000 hair nets per case.
White:                              Brown:
HN21W - $59.00              HN21B - $59.00
HN24W - $69.00              HN24B - $69.00
HN28W - $90.00              HN28B - $90.00

Hair Nets

Disposable Poly Aprons - 1.75 mil and 1.0 mil
Economical disposable poly aprons are perfect for whatever messy task is at hand, whether it be food service or finger painting! The 1.75 mil thick aprons are packaged 200 per case. The 1 mil thick aprons are packaged 400 per case.
PA1.0 - $39.00
PA1.75 - $39.00

Disposable Poly Aprons

Disposable Shoe Covers
Made from 100% spun-bond polypropylene, shoe covers protect shoes from dust, spills and splashes. Traction grip soles on these shoe covers help prevent slips while gentle elastic ankles help hold the shoe covers in place. Universal (BOOTIES) up to mens 10.5 Blue. 300 per case.
BOOTIES - $21.00
BOOTIES-XL - $23.00

Disposable Shoe Covers

Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply for pricing, shipping rates, availability and more information about the complete line of Ammex protective coverings we offer.

Ammex First Aid Products

Hot and Cold Packs

Keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer with Ammex hot and cold packs. Perfect for technicians who find themselves working outside regularly, Ammex hot and cold packs are an excellent way to stay comfortable. Available in convenient multi-packs, hot and cold packs also make an important addition to any first aid kit. 

Heatworks Hand, Pocket, Glove, and Toe Warmers
Heatworks Hand and Toe Warmers are the answer for anyone who hates the cold! They are perfect for construction workers, skiers, sportsmen, spectators, outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and more. To activate the hand or toe warmer, simply open the plastic outer pouch. Place the HeatWorks hand warmers in pockets, sleeping bags, gloves, ect. and enjoy 8 hours of warmth. Place the HeatWorks toe warmers in your shoes or boots and enjoy 5 hours of warmth. They are compact, convenient, and ready in seconds!
Hand/Glove Warmers:
HW1 - 40 pair/Box 6 boxes/Case - $105.00/case

Toe Warmers:
HW4 - 48 pair/Box 6 boxes/Case - $182.00


Instant Cold Packs 6" x 9" and 4" x 5" sizes
Fast attention to bumps and bruises can reduce swelling and ease discomfort. Instant cold packs need no refrigeration. They're ready in seconds anytime, anywhere, just squeeze! Instant Cold Packs Juniors are perfect for first aid kits, or for field trips.
ICP - 6" case of 48 - $24.00
ICPJR - 4" case of 96 - $26.00

Instant Cold Packs

N95 Rated Face Masks
CDC recommended, N95 rated face masks offer protection against viruses. They can keep you protected from contracting viruses, such as Bird Flu or SARS. A metal nosepiece can be shaped to the wearer's nose for secure placement and protection. The cone-style face mask is latex free and has a foam pad for extra comfort.  240 per case.
N95CM - 132.00

N95 Rated Face Masks

Ammex Earloop Style Face Masks
With a bacteria filtration efficiency of 3.0, Ammex earloop style, 3-ply face masks offer high protection for the wearer. The face mask is also comfortable to wear with its aluminum nose guard and ear loops. These masks are specifically designed to eliminate fogging when wearing glasses. Plus, they are fluid resistant and fiberglass free. Comes 50 to a box and 12 boxes to a case.
ELFM - $42.00 per case

Ammex Earloop Style Face Masks