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Campbell Well Products

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Campbell Water System Products CatalogFor years, Campbell Manufacturing has been North America’s most comprehensive supplier of parts and products for residential and light-duty commercial well systems.

Numerous valves are also available, including check valves in domestic and imported brass, foot valves in a variety of material combinations, heavy-duty check valves rated to 400 psi WOG and 180°F maximum pressure/temperature, non-corrosive Brady valves, PVC check valves by Flo, Hanflo check and foot valves and more. Brass ball valves with both standard size and full ports are available, as are threaded gate, swing check, drain and hose valves, among dozens of others.


Well Supplies
Of course, most of our clients will be looking for Campbell water well products, of which we have a wide selection. Our current offerings include:

Cast-iron well seals
ABS well seals
Watertight well caps
Ventilated well caps
Pitless adapters
Self-cleaning stainless steel well points
Pitcher pumps


Metal, PVC and Nylon Fittings
Campbell Manufacturing is a leading producer of pipe fittings of all shapes, sizes and materials. Choose from insert fittings, threaded fittings, compression fittings, schedule 40 fittings, repair couplings and nipples. Elbow connectors, tees, reducing tees, male and female adapters are also available. Available materials include:

Red brass manufactured to ANSI/NSF standard 61 for drinking water components.
Yellow brass machined from 63% copper alloy free-cutting brass rod.
304 or 316 stainless steel, whichever is available at the time of shipment.
Zinc-plated malleable iron.
Nylon or PVC.
And more!
Check out the Campbell well supplies catalogue for a complete list of available materials and fitting types.

Pipe Fittings

Other Products
Other Campbell Water Systems products which may be of interest to Environmental Equipment & Supply customers include the following:

Frost-proof yard hydrants designed to provide year-round running water at bury depths up to eight feet, even in freezing temperatures.
Guide rail and non-guide rail sewage pump disconnect systems.
Sump pump discharge kits.
Pitcher pumps and hand-lift pumps for monitoring wells, bilge drainage, transfer or other pumping applications.
Pressure gauges.
Air volume controls for pressures up to 100 psi.
Pipe pullers, cutters, mounting brackets and other installation accessories.
Control and alarm panels.
Square D, mercury and mechanical pump switches.
Sediment filters, taste and odor filters and all related housings and accessories.
Assorted additional water treatment systems.


Whatever your project requires, Environmental Equipment & Supply has the Campbell well products you need to get the job done right. Contact our sales team today for more information!