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Waterra actuators make an excellent complement to an inertial pump when developing or sampling monitoring wells. Waterra actuators take the hassle and hard work out of pump operation, improving performance without requiring any extra effort by the user.

Environmental Equipment & Supply offers a complete lineup of Waterra actuators for every application and price point. Follow the links below, or contact our team for more information:

Waterra HydroLift 2

Designed for portability, the HydroLift features a ¾ HP electric motor that provides an immediate boost to the productivity of any field sampling or well completion operation. The HydroLift is Waterra’s only electric actuator and is fully adjustable to attach to any size well casing. The HydroLift weighs only 35 pounds, though the difference it will make when performing large-volume purges is considerable. Capable of generating a four inch stroke at up to 200 cycles a minute, the HydroLift actuator by Waterra works with standard-, high- and low-flow inertial pumps. 


Waterra PowerPack PP-1

Compact enough to fit onto a standard-size backpack frame, the Waterra PowerPack actuator is an excellent compromise between portability and power. Featuring a gas powered, four stroke Honda GX25 engine, the PowerPack can pump from depths up to 60 m at a rate adjustable from 1 to 140 cycles per minute, despite weighing just 28 lbs. Capable of running for over an hour without refueling, the Waterra PowerPack is a reliable performer for any project with light or moderate pumping requirements.


Waterra Lever Pumps

The Waterra level pump is an efficient, portable hand actuator that can be used for sample collection or well completion. Weighing just 8 lbs, the Waterra level pump can be easily transported from site to site, offering a cost-effective solution for situations only requiring light-duty use. Waterra level pumps fasten to almost any size well and can be used with standard, high and low-flow tubing. 


Waterra PowerPump 2

The PowerPump 2 is the most powerful Waterra actuator currently on the market. A three horsepower Honda GX100 engine delivers a six inch stroke at a rate of up to 150 cycles/minute. Use the PowerPump with any Waterra high-, low- or standard-flow inertial pumps on any project with heavy pumping requirements. The PowerPump can be used to retrieve samples in wells and boreholes up to 300 feet deep; an anchored discharge end facilitates sample collection for further analysis.


Waterra PowerLift 3

Use the PowerLift 3 to speed up purging and sampling times in groundwater wells. Combining the best features of the PowerPump and HydroLift Waterra actuators, the PowerLift 3 is a lightweight, durable solution for almost any pumping or sampling project.


For more information about the full lineup of Waterra actuators, contact Environmental Equipment & Supply today. Our sales team is available from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, to help you choose the unit that’s right for you.