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Utility and Pipe Locator Rentals

Environmental Equipment & Supply offers a wide selection of rental pipe locators and other surveying products that make even the most complicated jobs easy. Rental terms are available by the day, week or month; with flexible pricing options, you can trim your budget and free up cash flow for other costs. All our line locator rental units come fully serviced and ready to use. All rentals have low hours and can be counted on to deliver flawless operation in almost any condition.

Choosing the Right Pipe or Utility Line Locator

  • Fisher TW-6: Use the Fisher TW-6 utility line locator to detect magnetic metals, pipes, cables and other buried objects. The unit can also be used for utility line tracing, blind searches and locating buried tanks. Lightweight and compact, the TW-6 is a good pipe locator rental for utility companies and municipal water departments.
  • Schonstedt 52CX: Schonstedt magnetic metal detectors – including the 52GA – are excellent, economical choices for applications requiring powerful buried metal detection.
  • Schonstedt MAC 51-B: The MAC 51-B is an all-purpose utility line locator capable of tracing and magnetic metal detection. The MAC 51-B operates in both conductive and inductive modes – use it for locating cable/line breaks, ferrous metal targets and energized 50/60 Hz power lines.
  • Radiodetection RD5000WL: RD5000WL line locators are good choices for tracing buried pipes and cables for excavation and other construction and repair work.
  • Radiodetection RD8000/RD8100: Our RD8000/RD8100 pipe locator rental units are sophisticated, modern instruments for line tracing, live electric and stray radio work. Use it for locating buried gas, electric, telecom, water, sewer or cable TV services, even in congested areas.
  • C.A.T. Plus3: Use the C.A.T. Plus3 for live electric and stray radio line avoidance while performing excavation work and other repairs. By adding the optional Genny3 unit, the C.A.T. Plus can also be used for line tracing. Rugged and reliable, our C.A.T. line locator rental units are ideal for deployment in congested areas and sites with overhead cables.
  • 50/60 loaded electric line locator: Rent the 50/60 loaded electric line locater when you need accurate detection of hot buried cables.

Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply for more information about our underground pipe and line locator rentals. We have a number of additional products not listed here to suit the needs of contractors, excavation companies, utility providers and more. Be sure to ask about our rent-to-own program, too – purchase your rental unit outright and up to 50% of your rental fees can be put towards the down payment.

Schonstedt GA-92XT Locator RD8000 C.A.T. Plus 3 Hilti PS 35 Ferrodetector (Rebar Locating)
Locators and Surveying Equipment
Daily Weekly Monthly
Sonic Subsurface Water Leak Detector, LD-12 - MOST POPULAR $ 75 $ 300 $ 600 Rent »
Line Locator - Fisher TW-6 $ 45 $ 160 $ 400 Rent »
Schonstedt GA-92XT Locator $ 45 $ 160 $ 400 Rent »
Schonstedt GA52CX $ 35 $ 100 $ 300 Rent »
Magna Trak 102 $ 35 $ 105 $ 300 Rent »
Schonstedt MAC 51B (with line tracing) $ 45 $ 160 $ 400 Rent »
Radiodetection  RD 8000/RD 8100 - MOST POPULAR $ 85 $ 325 $ 800 Rent »
Radiodetection RD 5000WL $ 75 $ 300 $ 600 Rent »
Radiodetection RD500 (plastic pipe locator) $ 65 $ 250 $ 525 Rent »
C.A.T. Plus 3 $ 70 $ 275 $ 710 Rent »
C.A.T. Plus 3 with Genny $ 85 $ 325 $ 800 Rent »
50/60 - Loaded Electric Line Locator $ 35 $ 105 $ 300 Rent »
Sonde and Duct Rodder (300' Fiberglass Push Rod) $ 30 $ 90 $ 250 Rent »
Selection table: How to choose a locator


Magnetic Metals

Live Electric

Line Tracing (no power)
Stray Radio (phone lines, etc.)
Fisher TW-6 x   x  
Schonstedt GA-92XT x      
Schonstedt 52CX x      
Magna Trak 102 x      
Schonstedt MAC 51-B x   x  
RD5000WL (low frequencies)     x  
Radiodetection RD 8000/RD 8100   x x x
C.A.T. Plus 3   x   x
C.A.T. Plus 3 w/ Genny   x x x
50/60   x