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Water Meters and Pump Installation Hardware

Water Meters
Water Meters
Part Number Price
5/8″ Bronze Flow Meter 18343 $112.00 Order »
1″ Bronze Flow Meter  18342 $ 220.00 Order »
Pump hardware Adjustable Cable Hook Clamp 4-Wire Heat Shrink Kit 2 Inch Tile Tape
Pump Installation Hardware
Part Number Price
5/8" Hose Clamp 18681 $ 1.50 Order »
1″ Hose Clamp 18683 $ 1.80 Order »
2″ Hose Clamp 18685 $ 2.70 Order »
Adjustable Cable Hook Clamp (For Hanging Pumps) 25802 $ 24.00 Order »
10/2 w/Grnd Pump Cable - Jacketed 17731 Call for Pricing Order »
10/3 w/Grnd Pump Cable - Jacketed 17734 Call for Pricing Order »
12/2 Twisted Pump Cable 31422 Call for Pricing Order »
12/3 Twisted Pump Cable 46668 Call for Pricing Order »
3-Wire Heat Shrink Kit 10-14 AWG 17673 $ 4.50 Order »
4-Wire Heat Shrink Kit 10-14 AWG 17675 $ 6.00 Order »
Safety Rope (Pump) 18488 $ 0.07 Order »
1/16″  Stainless Steel PTFE-Coated Pump Cable 11124 $ 0.98 Order »
1/8″  Stainless Steel Cable 25692 $ 0.85 Order »
Black Electrical Tape Lead-Free 17512 $ 1.65 Order »
Splicing Tape 17515 $ 8.50 Order »
Tile Tape - 2" (excellent for attaching power cable) 49022 $ 12.00/roll Order »
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Pumps, Hardware and Accessories

For today's environmental professionals, having the right accessories is an important part of any groundwater sampling operation. Environmental Equipment & Supply has an over 25 year history of supplying professionals with the tools they need to get the job done right – for everything from well cameras to residential water well pumps, you can count on our team to deliver the best prices, best selection and, best of all, a commitment to service that goes the extra mile for our customers.

Well Cameras

Well cameras are an important diagnostic tool for many environmental professionals. We carry both the Laval R-CAM 1000 underground borehole camera and 500 and 700 foot Well-Vu well cameras. Use our well cameras for pre-purchase inspections, groundwater well monitoring, water quality inspections, minerals analyses, maintenance, lost item retrieval or after-service inspections. All three well cameras are also available to rent by the day, week, or month – contact our team for more details.

Other Accessories and Hardware

Browse our selection of pump accessories and hardware below, or contact us if a specific item you need isn't listed.

  • Water meters: Water flow meters are available in 5/8" and 1" gauges. Featuring a sturdy bronze casing, they allow for accurate monitoring of flow rates in one direction.
  • Hook and hose clamps: Adjustable cable hook clamps allow you to hang environmental and residential water well pumps securely and accurately; a safety rope can be added for additional support. We also offer economical multipurpose hose clamps in 1" and 2" sizes.
  • Cabling: The right cables are essential for the proper operation of a sampling or residential well pump. We offer a number of different options for hanging the product of your choice, including jacketed and twisted cabling in two conductor plus ground and three conductor plus ground configurations.
  • Heat shrink kits: Three and four wire heat shrink kits are available from Environmental Equipment & Supply. Use them for splicing underwater cables safely and securely. Kits include butt splice connectors and heat shrink tubes.
  • Ropes and pump cables: Environmental Equipment & Supply has the best prices on safety ropes and stainless steel cabling for proper deployment of pumps in sampling and residential water wells. Stainless steel cabling is available in 1/8" and 1/16" sizes – smaller gauge cabling comes jacketed in a PTFE coating.
  • Tape: Choose from black electrical tape, 33+ electrical tape, splicing tape, tile tape and other essential items in an environmental tech's toolkit. Our tile tape is especially useful for securing wiring to PVC or galvanized drop pipes.

For everything you need for your next project, Environmental Equipment & Supply can help. We aim to be your full-service provider of hardware and accessories, including pumps, well cameras and other monitoring equipment. Contact us today for more information.