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Safety Glasses 101

Work-related eye injuries occur every day. These injuries often result in lost workdays and some even result in permanent or temporary loss of vision. The simplest way to prevent these accidents from occurring is through the use of proper eye protection.

Safety glasses protect eyes from the dangers of a variety of airborne hazards. Safety goggles prevent chemicals from splashing into eyes, flying debris from damaging the retina, UV rays from damaging eyesight, bright light from impairing vision and smoke from burning eyes. This important piece of equipment safeguards eyes when working in potentially dangerous environments.

Regular eyeglasses cannot function as safety glasses because the plastic lens could shatter, causing shards of glass to become lodged in the eye. Made out of shatter-resistant plastic, safety glasses prevent this from occurring. Safety goggles with side shields offer further protection against flying debris and splashing liquids. Remember, it is important to replace your safety glasses should they become scratched. Scratches can impair vision and become a hazard at the workplace. Protective eyewear comes in many shapes and sizes. Choosing the right one depends on your situation and workplace. For those who wear prescription lenses, protective eyewear should be ordered from an optometrist or large safety goggles that conveniently fit over eyeglasses are also an option.

Protective Eyewear for Less

Environmental Equipment & Supply carries a large line of protective eyewear, including over the glasses types, tinted lenses and anti-fog lenses. These shatter-resistant safety glasses safeguard your workers' eyes throughout their workday. Eye injuries are painful and often permanent, costing companies thousands of dollars a year; so be sure to protect your workers' eyes with quality safety glasses from Environmental Equipment & Supply.

Harley Davidson Safety Glasses - Protection with Style

Environmental Equipment & Supply carries a line of safety glasses from Harley Davidson. These glasses protect your eyes in style with a brand you have learned to rely on when it comes to sunglasses. We offer a variety of lens colors. Clear lenses are perfect for indoor environments, while colored lenses offer UV protection for outdoor use. Keep plenty of pairs on hand to ensure proper protection at all times.

Fit and Care of Safety Glasses

Safety glasses should fit comfortably over the ears. The frame should be as close to the face as possible and supported by the bridge of the nose. Safety goggles should be cleaned daily, per the manufacturer's instructions. When not in use, store them in a clean, dry place, preferably in a case. This will help keep your goggles from being stepped on or getting scratched up if dropped. Avoiding rough handling can prevent scratches to lenses. Scratches can weaken your lenses and impair vision, resulting in less-than-adequate protection from your safety goggles. Therefore, always replace scratched lens to prevent accidents. Furthermore, always replace pitted, broken, bent or ill-fitting glasses. Proper fit and care can lengthen the use of your safety glasses, ensuring your eyes are protected from harmful conditions.

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