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About Bailers

About Bailers

Point source sampling can be used to profile an open borehole or screened well, to collect samples from distinct levels or points of inflow. There is negligible disturbance as can be caused by pumping and purging. Mixing of the sample with water from different levels in the well is minimized.Purging and disposal of purged water can be avoided, because sampling directly from a specific depth collects the water that has just flowed into the well at that depth.

EE&S offer a variety of disposable and reusable bailers in configurations and specifications for every type of water sampling requirement, including the most demanding. Made with the best materials available for your choice of disposable or reusable bailing. Popular Disposable Bailers - Aqua Bailers are made with the highest regard to quality. The large open-top design allows nearly an inch of space for easy tie on. The thick rigid construction guarantees a sturdy bailer with no warping or collapsing. The Voss standard single sample bailers feature patented, dome design top and bottom to facilitate well entry and removal. They also help prevent well casing debris from contaminating the sample as the bailer is removed from the well.

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Disposable Bailer

Usually feature a one-piece design to eliminate body leakage and are cleaned and sealed in a cleanroom environment—guarantees sample is free from contamination.

Use these bailers to draw samples from your well. Bailers are usually available in two styles and three materials of construction. Choose bailers constructed from Polyvinylchloride (PVC), Polypropylene (PP), or FEP. Disposable bailers are cleaned and sealed in a clean room environment—guaranteeing your sample is free from cross contamination. Disposable bailers can be used to recover excess product from monitoring wells prior to using a passive skimmer for removing the sheen.

Disposable bailers eliminate contamination, control costs and eliminate technician exposure to toxic compounds during sampling.

FEP 1.5” OD Bailers are ideal when contamination control is highly important.

Reusable Bailer

Feature a one-piece design to eliminate body leakage. Cleaned and sealed in a cleanroom environment—guarantees sample is free from contamination.Reusable bailers are heavier and sink faster for quick sampling.

FEP reusable bailers:

To achieve accurate results in specific sampling applications, such as organic testing, a higher quality material is necessary. Made from 100% pure virgin material, high quality FEP bailers deliver the most accurate results from samples taken in the field.

Use these bailers to draw samples from your well. Bailers are available in two styles and three materials of construction. FEP Reusable Bailers are available in many styles and lengths.

Made of 100% FEP, the most chemically inert, non-contaminating material available. No fillers or plasticizers. Will not corrode or pit. Non-leaching, complies with EPA regulations. No oils, lubricants, cements or solvents are used in the manufacturing process. All components are precision machined and threaded for exact fit. All bailers are assembled, leak tested and visually inspected prior to shipping. Each bailer is individually packed in a polyethylene bag which contains no plasticizers. Reusable Bailers made of FEP mainly have threaded interchangeable parts, are easy to clean and are of a sturdy construction to withstand tough field conditions.

Bailer body walls will not collapse or crack even after repeated use. Bailer tops are designed to resist weakening or cracking where the suspension cord is attached. Bottoms have extra material below the check valve to protect the ball and its seat from scratches which could result in leaks.

FEP Bailer

PVC Reusable Bailers

Standard PVC Bailers consist of a 3-ft body and a detachable bottom piece with ball valve that lets water in when sampling; seals it in when retrieving. Choose opaque or transparent PVC bailers. These bailers sink rapidly in water without requiring additional weights.

PVC bailers for purging or sampling monitoring wells or drive rods 1.5-inch and larger. PVC is often used when sampling material considerations are less stringent. Because PVC has a higher specific gravity than polyethylene, PVC bailers do not have additional weight added to enhance sinking. Reusable PVC bailers have a thicker wall and are available with or without threaded removable ends for cleaning.

Clear PVC aids in viewing bailer contents: Durable material Extra weight not required, Reusable models available, Removable ends available, and Clear models available

SPVC Bailer
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Bailer Manufacturers

Aqua Bailers
As our loyal customers know, Aqua Bailers is fully committed to providing the best customer service not just among any other bailer manufacturers, but among any other companies around. Aqua Bailers has a vast distributor network that spans six countries. Besides ground water supplies, our distributors carry a wide range of environmental products for soil sampling, air testing and more.

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Aqua Bailers


Voss Technologies
Voss Technologies, developed the first truly disposable bailer and, since 1988, has been a supplier of groundwater sampling devices with same-day shipping, an unwavering commitment to customer service and a no-hassle, money-back guarantee.

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Voss Bailers

Environmental Service Products, Inc.
ESP, Environmental Service Products, Inc., was incorporated in October of 1996. The goal of the company is to set new standards in environmental products, development and services. With our recent addition of polyethylene and FEP disposable bailers, ESP now sells a comprehensive line of bailer products, including its innovative line of ClearView (medical grade) PVC bailers. In addition ESP offers the Torque locking I.D. plug on the market.

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Clearview Baliers
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