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Monitoring Well Supplies

Well SuppliesWell Supplies

A functioning well is critical to the long-term success of your water monitoring study. You've already invested in the best equipment; don't let that investment go to waste in a well that won't be secure throughout the life of your project. Environmental Equipment & Supply sells driveovers, locking caps, & other supplies needed to complete a monitoring well.  Items are in stock and can be picked up or shipped same day.

Monitoring Well Screen and Casing Supplies

In our online store you'll find high-quality environmental well caps, monitoring screens and casing supplies. We keep most of our well supplies in stock and ready to ship as soon as you place an order. We primarily sell PVC casings, screens, fittings and other accessories instead of metal because of the increased durability, flexibility and corrosion resistance offered by PVC. Additionally, PVC environmental well caps are lightweight, economical and can be customized to your project. All our products are manufactured with the highest commitment to long-lasting quality, ensuring your well won't deteriorate over time.

Building Materials

At Environmental Equipment & Supply, you'll find the best prices on concrete, sand, granular bentonite, bentonite chips and other materials necessary for constructing a quality well or borehole. Bulk pricing is available on larger orders. Whether your well is for groundwater monitoring, vapor extraction, heavy metal sampling or mining, quality components make all the difference. Start your project right by purchasing well building materials from Environmental Equipment & Supply.

Environmental Well Caps, Plugs and Driveovers

Keeping your well sealed off when not in use is important not only to prevent contamination, but for the general safety of everyone living nearby. Environmental Equipment & Supply offers a number of environmental well caps, manhole covers and compression plugs that keep boreholes safely sealed up at all times. Our manhole covers are offered in 4" by 6", 6" by 6", 8" by 12" and 12" by 12" sizes with your choice of an ABS or fabricated aluminum skirts. Custom sizes are also available; ordering a larger skirt will not affect pricing.

Manholes come with compression sealing nitrile o-rings and stainless steel bolts that lock tight and securely. An "Observation Monitoring Do Not Fill" triangle is printed on the cover, as is a well number log pad for keeping track of your projects. We also offer compression plugs from 3/4" to 6" and locking aluminum environmental well caps from 4" to 12" in diameter.

Call Environmental Equipment & Supply First!

Make Environmental Equipment & Supply your exclusive provider of well hardware and building materials, and you'll see why we've been the professional's choice for over 25 years. Contact us with the details of your next project and find out about bulk pricing, fast shipping and other advantages of shopping with Environmental Equipment & Supply.

Monitoring Well Screen & Casing Supplies

Well Supplies
Part Number Price
Concrete Mix - Ultra High Strength 17522 $ 12.00 Order »
Sand - 50-lb. Bag 17538 $ 10.00 Order »
Bentonite Chips (Holeplug) - MOST POPULAR 18839 $ 17.00 Order »
Granular Bentonite 18840 $ 20.00 Order »
4″ x 6″ Driveover (Manhole), Aluminum, Welded Skirt 18344 $ 35.00 Order »
6″ x 6″ Driveover (Manhole), Aluminum, Welded Skirt - MOST POPULAR 18352 $ 46.00 Order »
8″ x 12″ Driveover (Manhole), Aluminum,
Welded Skirt
18348 $ 53.00 Order »
12″ x 12″ Driveover (Manhole), Aluminum,
Welded Skirt
18349 $ 125.00 Order »
5″x6″ Driveover (Manhole) Steel  18355 $ 35.00 Order »
8″x8″ Driveover (Manhole) Steel  18354 $ 36.00 Order »
12"x12" Driver (Manhole) Steel 18356 $ 75.00 Order »
¾″ Locking Compression Plug 52725 $ 9.00 Order »
1″ Locking Compression Plug 52024 $ 8.00 Order »
2″ Locking Compression Plug - MOST POPULAR 18820 $ 8.00 Order »
4″ Locking Compression Plug - MOST POPULAR 18821 $ 10.00 Order »
6″ Locking Compression Plug 18822 $ 64.95 Order »
4.5" Aluminum Well Cap 18813  $ 30.00 Order »
6.5" Aluminum Well Cap 18814 $ 34.00 Order »
8.75" Aluminum Well Cap 19508 $ 46.00 Order »
Larger sizes available
Master Lock, Keyed Alike, Short Shank 17737 $ 10.95 Order »
Master Lock, Keyed Alike, Long Shank 17738 $ 12.95 Order »
1″ Brass Pitless Adapter 18836 $ 75.00 Order »
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