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Geoprobe Direct Push Machine Rentals and Accessories

Geoprobe 54LT
The Geoprobe 54LT can be rented for any situation in which access is a problem for larger units. Narrow enough to fit through a standard door frame, the 54LT direct push machine is still powerful enough to meet the demands of a number of different applications. The 54LT features a heavy duty G42 hammer capable of delivering 642 foot pounds of torque.

Geoprobe Model 54LT

Geoprobe 7822DT
The 7822DT is our heaviest-duty Geoprobe rental, equipped with a 78 inch probe cylinder stroke delivering up to 48,000 lbs of pullback. Features include the fully redesigned GH64 percussion hammer with two-speed, bi-directional rotation, a GA4000 augerhead and an intuitive control panel that makes operation easy. Rent the Geoprobe 7822DT for surface pavement and subsurface coring, SPT blow counts and more.

Geoprobe Model 7822DT

Geoprobe GP300 Grout Pump
Aside from our full lineup of direct push machines, we also rent Geoprobe grout pumps for injecting different materials including ATSM grout mixes, HRC®, bentonite, cement, sand and slurry products. The GP300 is a portable, easy-to-clean standalone unit delivering flow rates up to 3.5 gallons/minute. The ChemGrout550 offers a larger mixing capacity and higher flow rates but requires skid or trailer mounting for transportation.

Geoprobe GP300 Grout Pump

Geoprobe Manual Sampling Kit
We also rent Geoprobe large-bore manual drivers, soil and gas sampling kits, electric jackhammers and a complete line of tooling for our direct push machines, available for rent separately or as a package. Contact our rental team directly for more information.

manual sampling kit

Rent this state-of-the-art air-vacuum excavation system daily, weekly or monthly. Using air or water, the VACMASTER SYSTEM 1000 works above ground from a small hole to expose buried utilities for verification and repair.


Geoprobe 66 DT
Geoprobe Rentals    
Daily Weekly Monthly
Geoprobe 7822DT Track
Machine with Trailer

$ 680

$ 2800

$ 8,000

Rent »
Geoprobe 54LT
Machine with Trailer
Tooling by Quote

$ 495

$ 2,000

$ 6,000

Rent »
Rent »
Utility locating 
 $ 550  $ 2000 $ 6000  Rent »
GP300 Grout Pump
Prep charge
$ 300
$ 75 
$ 1,000 $ 2,800 Rent »
ChemGrout 550
Prep charge
$ 375
$ 100 
$ 1,000 $ 2,800 Rent »
Soil / Gas Sampling Kit $ 100 $ 350 $ 850 Rent »
*Manual Driver Kit $ 25 $ 68 $ 185 Rent »
*Electric Jackhammer $ 55 $ 192 $ 480 Rent »
*Use with Soil/Gas Kit
**Tooling for Geoprobe by quote
***Operator and supplies additional as required
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Environmental Equipment and Supply rents Geoprobe machines and accessories. Environmental Equipment and Supply has operated & maintained Geoprobes since 1993. Each machine is completely serviced when you rent it and we rent only newer equipment. Environmental Equipment and Supply rents sample tooling, dual tube systems, hallow stem augers, and more. Contact us today at 800-739-7706 if you have questions about our Geoprobe equipment or services.