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Horiba D-70 Series Water Quality Analyzers

Horiba D-70 Water Quality Analyzer

Horiba’s D-70 series water quality analyzers are excellent, portable performers designed to be taken into the most demanding field conditions. Five different models are available, providing full functionality for almost any application. Call today for a no-obligation quote on the Horiba D-70 series meter that’s right for you.


  • One hand operation.
  • Shock resistant.
  • Portable multi-parameter meter allows for dual measurements.
  • Automatic data-logging function.
  • Self diagnostic function assures reliable measurement.
  • User-friendly features and portability with large LCD display.



Available Models

Economical meter for pH and temperature.
Multi-parameter for pH/temperature/ORP with PC/printer output capability.
Multi-parameter for pH/temperature/ORP/ISE with PC/printer output capability.
Multi-parameter for pH/temperature/ORP/conductivity with PC/printer output capability.
Multi-parameter for pH/temperature/ORP/dissolved oxygen with PC/printer output capability.

*Each instrument kit includes: Meter, soft case, batteries and instruction manual. Electrodes are ordered separately.  

Cutting Edge Sensor Technology

At the heart of every D-70 series meter is a number of innovative sensors that carry on Horiba’s over 60 year tradition of sophisticated sensor design and technology.

  • Temperature: Every Horiba water quality analyzer comes with a powerful temperature sensor, capable of delivering readings quickly at a range between 0 and 100°C with a resolution of 0.1°C
  • pH: Horiba pH meters use a glass electrode method to deliver rapid response times and accuracy to 0.01 pH. Horiba pH sensors are highly responsive to electromotive force and to changes in alkalinity, have a low internal resistance and are extremely durable, making them ideal for use in both field and laboratory conditions.
  • ORP: Upgrading to the D-72 adds the capability to read oxidation reduction potential (ORP) via a three-in-one combination electrode sensor. Readings are possible within the range of -1999 to 1999 mV, with a resolution of 1 mV.
  • ISE: The D-73 meter contains a combination ion-selective electrode for measuring one of chloride, fluoride, ammonia, nitrate, potassium or calcium. Measuring ranges and resolutions vary, though they are typically between 0.0μ ~ 999g/L. Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply for more information about sensor pricing and availability.
  • Conductivity: The Horiba D-74 includes all the functionality of the D-72 plus an additional AC bipolar method sensor for measuring conductivity. Readings are accurate to a resolution of 0.05% FS within the following ranges: .000mS/m – 19.99S/m (cell constant 100m-1), 0.0μS/m – 1.999S/m (cell constant 10m-1), 0.00mS/m – 199.9S/m (cell constant 1000m-1).
  • Dissolved oxygen: Use the Horiba D-75 water quality analyzer to obtain highly accurate dissolved oxygen measurements. The unit is equipped with a diaphragm galvanic battery method sensor providing readings between 0.00 ~ 19.99mg/L with a resolution of 0.01mg/L. Accurate readings can be obtained within 30 seconds. Additionally, the sensor is water proof and contains a replaceable ship-type electrode.

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Horiba D-70 Series
Water Quality Analyzer
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Packing List: Meter, soft case, batteries (LR6 2 pcs), instruction manual.
*Electrodes are not included and must be ordered separately -- check PDF download for available electrodes.