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Solinst Water Level and Groundwater Monitoring Products

Solinst LogoSolinst Groundwater Monitoring Instruments and Equipment

Solinst groundwater monitoring instruments — including level loggers, interface meters, piezometers and measurement devices — offer a full suite of solutions for site investigation and other professional applications. Solinst products are used in aquifer testing and containment plume monitoring in spill and other environmental remediation/containment sites.

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Environmental Equipment & Supply is proud to be a leading stocking distributor of Solinst products. Environmental Equipment & Supply provides repair services and parts for Solinst instruments.  Follow the links below for more information, or contact our sales team for quote requests and pricing details.

Water Level Meter & Measurement Devices
Solinst level measurement devices include the 101, 102, 103 and 107 water level meters. All instruments provide accurate measurements traceable to NIST standards. A variety of taping options are available, including coaxial cable and laser-marked flat polyethylene tape in metric and imperial measurements. Solinst products are rugged performers in boreholes and standpipes, and they deliver accurate measurements even in cascading waters or narrow-diameter wells and tubing


Level Measurement Devices

Data Logging and Telemetry Systems
Environmental Equipment & Supply offers logging tools that combine cutting-edge communications and data storage capabilities with the stability and accuracy Solinst products are known for. The Solinst Levelogger systems including Levelogger Edge, LTC Levelogger Junior and 3001 Levelogger Junior logging probes provide precision monitoring of surface water levels, temperatures, pressure and more. These devices can communicate with the 3001 Levelogger Gold data transfer unit or can be connected to a Solinst Telemetry System for transferring log data over a wireless, cellular or satellite network.

Levelogger Edge and Telemetry Systems

Interface Meters
Completely New Solinst Model 122 Oil/Water Interface Meter  is easy to use and gives reliable, accurate measurements.  5/8" (16mm) diameter pressure-proof probe uses optical refraction and electrical conductance to determine product and water interfaces, with and accuracy of 1/200ft (1mm).  A steady tone and light indicated LNAPL or DNAPL.  The new laser marked PVDF tape is more durable & eaiser to decon.  Tape lengths to 1000' (300m) are certified instrinsically safe & ATEX certified.

Solinst Interface Meters

Piezometers and Profilers
Solinst direct push instruments include the 615 Drive-Point Piezometer, 601 Standpipe Piezometer and 660 Drive-Point Profiler. These products offer a number of solutions for sample collection, water level monitoring, plume delineation, permeability measurements, slope stability investigations and more. Made of high-quality stainless steel or PVC components, Solinst piezometers and profilers are durable performers in the field that are designed to give you years of use at an excellent price.

Solinst Piezometers and Profilers

Groundwater Samplers
Groundwater samplers by Solinst offer small and flexible solutions for a number of different low-flow sampling applications. Environmental Equipment & Supply offers bladder, double valve, inertial and peristaltic pumps, interval samplers, compressors and more — everything you need to maintain sample integrity in low-flow or narrow environments.

Solinst Groundwater Samplers

Multilevel Systems and Remediation Devices
These multilevel systems from Solinst optimize site remediation, increasing the accuracy of the site data while reducing the number of boreholes needed. This reduces the costs of remediation and allows you to utilize the three-dimensional data to make accurate risk assessments, which is vital to understanding vertical contaminant distribution.

Multilevel Systems

Solinst Water Level and Groundwater Monitoring Products

Are you looking for the most reliable water level and groundwater monitoring products at affordable prices? Environmental Equipment & Supply has you covered!

For more than 25 years, we've been providing the best monitoring and measuring equipment to environmental professionals in a wide range of industries. We're proud to be an authorized Solinst dealer. Solinst water level meters and other measuring and monitoring instruments are renowned for their remarkable efficiency and unmatched accuracy.

Our Solinst product inventory includes:

  • Water Level Meter & Measurement DevicesA Solinst water level meter can provide accurate measurements and many years of dependable, trouble-free service. A highlight of the Solinst water level meter line is the highly popular Solinst 101, which includes adjustable sensitivity levels for maximum measuring precision in boreholes, wells and standpipes. You can even use the 101 with confidence in cascading waters and narrow-diameter wells.
  • Data Logging and Telemetry SystemsAdvanced Solinst data loggers and telemetry systems are available for a wide range of applications. The Solinst Levelogger line is ideally suited for applications such as pumping, slug testing, drain base monitoring and many others. Solinst Leveloggers are the perfect choice whenever accurate tracking of changes in water level, temperature, conductivity and pressure is imperative. Solinst telemetry systems can provide fast and efficient management of logging data.
  • Solinst Interface MetersA Solinst interface meter is an excellent option when you need to accurately measure light or dense non-aqueous phase liquids. Solinst interface meters provide a steady light and tone whenever they detect the presence of a non-conductive liquid, as well as an intermittent light and tone that indicates the existence of water. The precisely aligned and calibrated sensors are accurate up to 1/2000 ft. and are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Piezometers and ProfilersSolinst piezometers and profilers make groundwater monitoring, slope stability investigating and related applications easy and efficient. Piezometers are available that can be used as permanent well points and as filtered inlet points for accurate sample collection in dry holes. Solinst profilers enable you to collect a series of samples from several points at a site.
  • Groundwater SamplersSolinst peristaltic pumps and other groundwater sampling products can provide consistent and reliable sample results in all types of groundwater applications. They're also rugged enough to provide years of dependable service in even the most challenging operating environments and conditions.
  • Waterloo Emitters Solinst Waterloo Emitters offer an affordable, easy-to-apply solution for bioremediation of contaminated groundwater. Typical applications include oxygen release for aerobic bioremediation, hydrogen release for anaerobic reductive dechlorination and release of carbon dioxide for pH adjustment.

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