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Grundfos 3" Submersible Well Pump

Domestic Water Supply, Home Water Supply
Home Water Pump

Easy Installation of the Grundfos SQ makes this pump the perfect addition to your home water supply.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Grundfos SQ Pump: The 3 inch submersible well pump with advanced electonic protection!

The 3 inch Grundfos SQ pump is the basic model of the 3" pump line. Grundfos SQ pumps are lightweight and their unique features offer protection from problems like low voltage, lightening, and dry-run (low water). These pumps are available in flow ranges from 5 to 30 gallons per minute and depths to 600 feet.

Easy Installation

Because they are lightweight, Grundfos SQ well pumps are easy to install. And they do not require any additional control units. All SQ pumps come with an advanced two wire electronic motor and offer years of reliabe service.

Brand Satisfaction

Grundfos is one of the most trusted brands in the water supply industry. They are known for consistent performance and constant pump water supply. Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply today to request a Grundfos pump quote or to order today.

Powerful and Reliable

Grundfos SQ pumps are perfect for home-water supply or a small business, the permanent magnet motor provides lower energy usage as compared to standard 4 inch motors. SQ motors are available in 240 volts in various horsepower options or 115 volt only in one-half horsepower, both in single phase. Grundfos SQ pumps operate a single speed much like conventional pumps.  The difference is the SQ pump motor provides the benefits of electronic control that conventional motors lack. The pump will automatically stop anytime the water supply discontinues preventing damage to the pump. This is also an energy efficient process that prevents unnecessary and damaging power. When the low voltage or low water supply is resolved, the pump will automatically restart and resume pumping. Every time the pump starts, it begins pumping softly to ensure there are no well disturbances or water hammering. These features are perfect for situations where constant supervision is not possible.

Grundfos SQ pumps are suitable for these applications:

  • Home water wells
  • Light commercial
  • Irrigation
  • Low Voltage Applications
  • Tank applications

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Domestic Pressure Pump Water, Domestic Water Use
Grundfos SQ: The Domestic Water Supply Pump

All Grundfos SQ pumps use permanet magnets in their brushless motors, providing reliablility and service for years to come! All SQ pumps come with a standard two year warranty. Call us to order your Grundfos SQ pump today!

Upgrade Your Home Water Pump With a Grundfos SQ

Having free-flowing water available on command is essential for comfort in any modern home. Both your family members and your guests need prompt access to water when they turn on the faucet, and that water should be released at a respectable, constant pressure.

If you're shopping for a new residential water pump, the Grundfos SQ pump might be just what you're looking for. The submersible 3-inch well pump is lightweight by design, providing an ease of installation that's virtually unmatched.

When you invest in Grundfos SQ pumps for your home, you'll benefit from:

Energy conservation — Don't burn more fuel or electricity than you need to. The Grundfos SQ was designed to be extremely efficient, and you'll see returns when you open your energy bills each month

Overload protection — You won't have to worry about your motors dealing with low or unstable voltages. The system automatically protects motors from overload, so you can enjoy your pump without replacement for a substantially longer period of time.

A soft start — The pump turns on evenly, preventing well disturbances and water hammering.

Run dry — When pumps run and wells are dry, water systems get damaged. The Grundfos SQ automatically shuts down when water levels are low.

Automatic restart — The Grundfos SQ will automatically turn back on once problems relating to voltage and water levels are rectified.

High starting torque — Even at lower voltage levels, the system delivers an impressive and consistent supply of water pressure.

Suitable for Many Applications

Grundfos SQ pumps are versatile by design. You can use them for home water wells, light commercial buildings and irrigation, low voltage and tank applications. The pumps come in all flow ranges from 5 to 30 gallons, and they can be installed at depths up to 600 feet.

What's Under the Hood?

All Grundfos SQ pumps come with advanced two-wire electric motors that guarantee long useful lives and years of reliable service. Motors are available in 240 volts in various horsepower options or 115 volts in one-half horsepower — you’re bound to find the piece of machinery you need to enjoy the right level of water pressure.

Grundfos SQ pumps also operate in almost the exact way as traditional pumps. The difference is in the electronic control units which work to optimize performance. Traditional motors can't compare to the resulting efficiencies.

Grundfos SQ pumps also operate in almost the exact way as traditional pumps. The difference is in the electronic control units which work to optimize performance. Traditional motors can’t compare to the resulting efficiencies.

Serving Customers for Over 25 Years

At Environmental Equipment & Supply, we've worked hard to help customers find the solutions they need to optimize their water systems.

As you begin shopping for a home water pump, contact our team for advice on what equipment you need and how to make the most of it. We'll help you find the water pump that best-suits your home.