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Waterra HydraSleeve Sampler

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The HydraSleeve is a simple and effective way of collecting representative groundwater samples at almost any depth. Featuring a single use design that saves you the trouble of having to decontaminate your equipment between deployment, the Waterra HydraSleeve offers professional sampling at a budget price. Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply today for pricing information!

Accurate Sampling Made Easy

The Waterra HydraSleeve is truly unlike any other groundwater sampler. Because the HydraSleeve collects a water “core” at in-situ pressure, there is no danger of the sample blending with water at other depths of the aquifer, or of turbidity, oxidation or aeration damaging the sample quality. This means you get a truly representative sample the first time at cost savings of up to 75% compared to conventional collection instruments.

“Pop and Squeeze” for Cost-Effective Sampling

Using the Waterra HydraSleeve sampler is simple, even in difficult field conditions. Simply squeeze open the top to attach your line and connect a re-usable weight to the bottom of the device. There’s no power source required and no complicated setup. Because the unit is disposable, once the sample has been discharged, simply throw the HydraSleeve away and start again. All it takes is a few minutes to get precise vertical and horizontal interval sampling without blending, allowing your team to maximize their time in the field.

Sample Collection

Sample collection with the HydraSleeve requires no special technique or equipment. The unit features a check valve that is released when the sampler is moved upwards at a rate faster than one foot per second. To accomplish this, lower the HydraSleeve to a depth 24-48 inches lower than the area you wish to collect a sample from. Then, using either a fast, continuous motion or a series of short strokes, move the HydraSleeve upwards. The check valve will release, allowing the unit to fill with sample.


Use the Waterra HydraSleeve in any situation where cost-effective well and aquifer profiling is desired. This can include long- and short-term groundwater monitoring, in-well vertical profiling and monitoring UST leaks, dry cleaning facilities and other small scale point-source contaminant sites. Because of its low cost, the HydraSleeve can be deployed in constricted or damaged boreholes without worry.

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