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Proactive Limited Warranty

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Proactive Environmental Products (Proactive) pumps are intended for the limited purposes of low flow water sampling and ground water purging. Any use of Proactive pumps for purposes other than low flow sampling and ground water purging will void the Proactive Limited Warranty. Proactive pumps are articles of consumption, with an approximate usable life of 400 hours; Proactive does not warrant pumps beyond this limited usable life span. Proactive pumps are rated and appropriate for use with water of low to mediate turbidity (all specification information is based on tests using clean cold water with pumps primed unless otherwise specified.). Proactive pumps are not compatibility with liquids other than water and, by way of example only, should never be used with oils or flammable liquids. Subject to the foregoing and the exceptions set forth here in below, Proactive will warranty all 12 volt Engineered Plastic Pumps and Water Spout Engineered Plastic Pumps to be free from defects in material and workmanship affecting its proper use for low flow water sampling or ground water purging for a period of 30 days following the date of purchase and 60 days for Proactive’s High Performance Engineered Plastic Pumps and the Proactive Stainless Steel Pumps.