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Safety Gloves

A safety glove not only protects workers' hands, but also provides comfort while improving workflow and production. Choosing the proper safety glove can prevent accidents in the work place and guarantee a worker's hands remain dry and protected. When you are in need of protective gloves, rely on Environmental Equipment and Supply. We carry a large variety of gloves to fit many applications, meeting your medical, environmental and other safety requirements. From disposable protective gloves to leather work gloves, we have the selection you need to safe guard your workers, while providing safety, comfort, durability and dexterity.

Our Disposable Protective Gloves

Environmental Equipment and Supply carries nitrile, latex and vinyl protective gloves. To meet various applications, choose from industrial or exam, as well as powdered and powder-free varieties. If you are not sure which glove fits your application, watch these videos on the Ammex website to learn more.

Latex protective gloves provide superior barrier protection and excellent durability. Latex is known to offer the best form, fit and functionality over other disposable gloves. For those with latex allergies, choose vinyl or nitrile disposable gloves.

A popular alternative to latex gloves, vinyl protective gloves are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), making them latex-free. Due to their inexpensive nature, vinyl gloves are ideal for industries where frequent glove changes are necessary. Since vinyl gloves lack the durability of latex, they are more limited in their uses as a chemical resistant glove.

With the rise of latex allergies, nitrile protective gloves are the quality replacement to latex gloves. More abrasion and puncture-resistant than vinyl or latex, nitrile gloves also deliver form, fit, comfort, elasticity and excellent barrier protection.

Our Protective Gloves for Heavy-Duty Applications

If the wrong work glove is chosen during heavy-duty work applications, the results can be useless and even dangerous. Workers need to do the manual work required in their day-to-day jobs with the proper glove. Gloves provide workers with a better grip and the flexibility needed to handle machinery tools and hazardous tasks, ensuring hands stay protected all day long. Gloves are available in a variety of materials, including leather, neoprene, petroflex and sol-vex, in order to provide the correct glove for your specific needs.

When workers are exposed to abrasions, heat and equipment operation, leather work gloves are the ideal choice to protect hands during heavy-duty work applications. Besides keeping hands safe, leather gloves improve performance and productivity. Our leather work gloves are sold in pairs in a variety of sizes to allow a custom fit.

North Polar gloves offer protection for employees who work in the cold, such as cold storage, construction and packaging plant workers. The 3M™ Thinsulate™ liner keeps hands warm and protected, while the extra long cuff keeps snow, ice and cold from entering the glove.

When working with petroleum solvents, caustics and animal fats, choose Ansell Sol-Vex Gloves. These high-performance nitrile gloves offer chemical resistance and protection against snags, punctures, abrasions and cuts. Neoprene Gloves provide protection against acids, caustics, oils, greases and many other solvents. They also offer superior heat and oil resistance.

Safety Gloves
Leather Work Gloves
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