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Environmental Safety Equipment Rentals

Environmental Equipment and Supply offers an entire line of environmental safety equipment rentals, including personal protective environmental safety equipment and fall protection/ confined space environmental safety equipment. For quality protective equipment you can trust, rent environmental safety equipment from Environmental Equipment and Supply.

Environmental Equipment and Supply offers a full line of rental equipment. Contact us today if you have questions or need technical assistance.

Personal Protection Devices

The Twin Air Ambient Breathing System by Allegro® Industries is available to rent by the day, week or month. Along with fall protection equipment, a breathing apparatus is one of the most important safety devices for working in hazardous locations. The Twin Air is a two-worker system that provides a portable source of clean air to a pair of respirators.

Units available for rent from Environmental Equipment & Supply include two 50’ lengths of air hose, full facemasks and Allegro®’s ¾ HP ambient air pump. Use the Twin Air for any application in which a team of workers needs to enter a hazardous location, such as HVAC repairs, remediation at chemical and nuclear sites and any medical work in highly infectious environments.

Fall Protection Equipment

In sites where a danger of falling is present, proper fall protection equipment is just common sense. While employees have a responsibility to wear their restraints when necessary, it is the job of the site manager to ensure all staff have access to proper harnesses and other fall prevention equipment. By renting fall protection harnesses from Environmental Equipment & Supply, you can ensure your work site meets all applicable safety requirements without a large capital investment. Harnesses are available to rent by the day, week or month and feature a comfortable, lightweight design that won’t impede movement. Rental harnesses are available in large sizes only, but are adjustable to fit most employees.

Confined Space Monitors

Environmental Equipment & Supply is one of the leading distributors of confined space air monitors by RAE Systems, Honeywell Analytics and other manufacturers. We also offer flexible, affordable rentals of some of our most popular devices, so you can ensure on-the-job safety without a large initial investment. If you only need a device for a short period of time, or if you want to test one out in the field before making a purchasing decision, renting a confined space monitor from Environmental Equipment & Supply is an excellent idea. Choose from several different combustible gas monitors that offer portability and ease-of-use when working in the field. All rental units come fully calibrated and ready to use. For many devices, additional sensors are available that greatly expand their functionality.

Other Safety Products

See below for the complete list of safety products, multigas monitors and fall protection equipment available for rent from Environmental Equipment & Supply. If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, contact our team directly for more information.

Twin Air Ambient Breathing System
Personal Protective Equipment
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