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Protective Eyewear From Environmental Equipment & Supply

Your sight is important. Protect it with safety goggles from Environmental Equipment & Supply. For over 25 years, we have been providing working professionals with the safety equipment they need to protect themselves on the job. We offer a number of different eyewear options that are comfortable and offer excellent protection from chemicals and flying particles.

Our Products

We carry several models of protective eyewear that will meet the safety requirements of most employees in the construction and environmental industries. Choose from MSA Luxor clear wraparound safety glasses, UVEX Genesis blue frame/amber lens glasses, foam fitted clear goggles, "over-the-glasses" type lenses and more. We even carry a full lineup of stylish Harley Davidson safety eyewear that are comfortable enough to wear every day.

Pyrenees, Safety Glasses, Black FrameSafety Glasses, Over The Glasses Safety Glasses, Crews, Klondike, Gray Lens with Black FrameHarley Davidson Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses
Part Number Price
MSA Luxor Clear Safety Glasses 36171 $ 6.55 Order »
Uvex Genesis, Blue Frame/Amber Lens 47467 $ 10.20 Order »
Goggle Gear, Lexa Clear Lens, Clear Foam Fitted 42347 $ 12.90 Order »
Over the Glasses Type, Clear Lens, Clear Frame 18454 $ 2.50 Order »
Pyrenees, Safety Glasses, Black Frame, Clear, Soft Tip 11064 $ 9.75 Order »
Arctic Elite - Safety Glasses, Gray Frame with Gray Anti Fog Lens, Soft Tip 11066 $ 6.50 Order »
Pyrenees, Safety Glasses, Black Frame with Amber Anti Fog Lens, Soft Tip 11067 $ 8.50 Order »
Uvex Bandit Clear Lens, Black Frame 11108 $ 8.00 Order »
Safety Eyewear, Crews, Klondike, Gray Lens, Black Frame, Adjustable Temple 42286 $ 4.50 Order »
Safety Eyewear, Blk Frame, Crews, Rubicon, Fire Mirror 11444 $ 15.50 Order »
Harley Davidson Line of Safety Eyeware
Black Frame with Orange Accents/Gold Mirror Lens 11009 $ 15.45 Order »
HD400, Black Wrap-a-Round Frame with Clear Lens 11013 $ 9.45 Order »
HD402, Black Wrap-a-Round Frame with Silver Mirror Lens 11015 $ 13.45 Order »
HD100, Silver Frame/Blue Mirror Lens 50678 $ 18.45 Order »
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Who Should Wear Safety Glasses?

According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA), employers have a responsibility to ensure the following:

  • That any employees exposed to "flying particles, molten metal, liquid chemicals, acids or caustic liquids, chemical gases or vapors, or potentially injurious light radiation" have access to appropriate eye protection safety equipment.
  • That employees working in an environment where there is a danger of flying objects be provided with protective eyewear equipped with a removable side protectors.
  • That any employee who wears prescription glasses has either safety goggles outfitted with lenses in their prescription or comfortable "over-the-glasses" type safety eyewear.
  • That any employee using equipment that poses a danger due to light radiation (such as arc welders) be equipped with safety goggles or other appropriate equipment with the correct shading for the work being performed.
  • If you or a member of your team meet any of the above conditions, it is your responsibility to ensure proper eyewear is available. Environmental Equipment & Supply can help you meet your obligations as an employer and keep your staff safe on the job.

Lens Color

Lens color is an important consideration when choosing personal protective eyewear:

  • Clear: Clear safety goggles are ideal for indoor use in laboratories, manufacturing facilities, construction worksites and other situations where protection from flying objects and chemical spills is required.
  • Grey: For outdoor use, particularly when sunlight and glare are present, grey tinted safety glasses provide protection while limiting eyestrain and fatigue.
  • Mirrored: Gold and silver mirrored safety glasses are another option for outdoor use. A shiny coating reflects light away from the eye, reducing the impact of excessive glare and sunlight.
  • Amber: Amber safety glasses are an excellent choice for use in low-light situations. Amber tinting blocks out bluer colors, creating improved contrast.

  • Still not sure which type of protective eyewear is right for you? Contact the team at Environmental Equipment & Supply between 7am and 6pm, Mondays through Fridays, to discuss your options in detail.