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Multilevel Systems and Remediation Devices

Solinst LogoInexpensive and easy to install, Multilevel Systems from Solinst are an ideal choice for your groundwater monitoring needs. Multilevel monitoring allows you to spend less time drilling boreholes, yielding precise three-dimensional data at a reasonable cost. A Solinst Multilevel System is available to suit your unique site and application needs. Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply to customize a system for you.


Model 403 CMT Multilevel Groundwater & Vapor Monitoring System
Inexpensive and easy to install, this multilevel system from Solinst delivers the most accurate 3-D assessment of a site. In fact, risk assessment is far more accurate, decision-making is improved and site remediation is optimized.

Model 403 CMT Multilevel Groundwater & Vapor Monitoring Systems

Model 401 Waterloo Multilevel Groundwater Monitoring System
This multilevel system obtains groundwater samples, permeability measurements, as well as hydraulic head measurements from up to 7 discretely isolated zones in a single borehole. That means less boreholes need to be drilled for accurate site interpretation and assessment.

Model 401 Waterloo Multilevel Groundwater Monitoring Systems

Waterloo Emitters
Enhance bioremediation with the simple and economical Waterloo Emitter™ from Solinst. This device is engineered for the controlled continuous diffusive release of oxygen or other bioenhancing amendments. This patented technology consists of a PVC frame wrapped with tubing that can be pressurized to obtain the desired diffusion of gas.

Waterloo Emitters