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Environmental Well Monitoring Products

Monitoring Well Screen & Casing
Well screens and casing products available from Environmental Equipment & Supply include everything you need for your next job. Take advantage of great prices on environmental well products and hardware including plugs, caps and FJ screens in a number of different sizes.

Many of our environmental well supplies, casings and screenings are made with high-quality PVC rather than steel. PVC offers a number of advantages in terms of flexibility, weight, durability and cost-effectiveness, making it ideal for deployment in applications such as groundwater wells, heavy metal sampling and vapor extraction wells. We offer computer-designed flush thread hardware for superior tensile strength. Screens are available in five and ten foot lengths. Casing supplies range in size from 1/2" to 4". Volume discounts are available for bulk orders.

Monitoring Well Screen & Casing

Monitoring Well Supplies
We offer a large number of environmental well products for the construction of boreholes and wells in diverse field conditions. Follow the links below to find ordering details for materials including ultra-high-strength concrete mix, sand, granular bentonite and bentonite chips. We also offer great deals on bulk orders of hardware and fittings — including locking compression plugs, long and short shank master locks and pitless adapters.

In our online store you'll also find aluminum driveovers for environmental wells. Available in 4" x 6", 6" x 6", 8" x 12" and 12" x 12" sizes, our welded-skirt manholes feature nitrile O-rings that create a compression seal to keep out contaminants, as well as a permanent well log pad on the top of the cover.

Monitoring Well Supplies

Spill Control and Absorbent Products
Spill control and accident cleanup is an important part of respecting the environment you're working in. Environmental Equipment & Supply has great deals on hazardous waste cleanup and transportation products including sump socks, oil absorbent pads and booms, emergency skill kits and more. We also offer both new and reconditioned DOT-approved drums and liners, hazardous waste labeling and caution tape.

Solinst Interface Meters

For over 25 years, Environmental Equipment & Supply has been providing environmental professionals with the highest-quality water monitoring, logging and metering instruments. But the best equipment is useless without a properly-constructed well. To that end, we also offer everything you need to secure and maintain a functional monitoring well in almost any condition. With same-day shipping and bulk pricing available, you'll find the best deals and the best selection, all backed up by our legendary commitment to customer service.

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