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Novatek Negative Air Machines

For over 15 years, Novatek negative air machines have set the industry standard for portable air movers. Novatek products are known by contractors and air quality experts for their efficient, simple operation, low noise and powerful filtration technology that quickly eliminates dust and other nuisance particles. Environmental Equipment & Supply is proud to be a nationwide vendor of quality, American-made Novatek air machines. We also have several low-hour units available for rent by the day, week or month.



The portability and power of Novatek air movers lend them to a number of different applications. Use products from the Novair line for fast removal of hazardous dust and other airborne particles. Our negative air movers are frequently used by contractors working on mold and asbestos remediation projects, as well as a variety of other applications on construction sites, machine shops and even hospitals. With available HEPA filters, Novatek negative air machines can filter out particles as small as 0.3 µ with 99.97% efficiency.

Environmental Equipment & Supply has three Novatek negative air machines available for sale or rent. Follow the links below for more information about each product, or call our team today to discuss the specifics of your application and let us help you choose one that’s right for you.

Novair F2000
The F2000 negative air machine is the most powerful Novair product currently on the market. Powered by a two Hp, two-speed motor, the F2000 delivers consistent air flow at a rate of 1200 (low) or 2000 (high) CFM. A 24” by 24” HEPA filter provides powerful filtration using the entire surface area of the media. Weighing just 135 lbs, the F2000 can be installed on a job site by a two-person crew; built-in wheels allow for easy transportation across a flat surface.

While the F2000 is designed for true heavy-duty operation, it is quiet enough to operate without danger of violating most municipal noise bylaws. An eight-point motor mount keeps the unit from vibrating, even at high speeds.

Novair F2000

Novair F1000
For medium-duty applications, the F1000 is an excellent alternative to its slightly more powerful cousin. Boasting a two-speed electrical engine delivering consistent flow rates of 500 and 1000 CFM, the F1000 is sufficient for most general-duty air filtration projects. Like the F2000, it features an eight-point mount to eliminate motor rubbing, low operating noise levels and advanced HEPA filter technology. Best of all, the F1000 weighs just 81 lbs and features built-in skids and wheels for easy transport.

The Novair F1000

Novair DuraVent
Weighing just 40 lbs, the Novair Duravent sets a new standard for portable air filtration. Use it to intake or exhaust air from a job site using the 25 feet of ducting built into the unit. With a thermally-protected motor and a high-impact molded polyethylene casing, the leak-proof Duravent is far tougher than it looks. Buy or rent one whenever you need a budget negative air mover that will get the job done right.