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Vinyl Gloves

For the difference between Nitrile, Latex,
and Vinyl Protective gloves, download
the Ammex chemical resistant chart.

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Environmental Equipment & Supply stocks Ammex disposable vinyl gloves and can usually ship the same day. You can trust Ammex quality for performance and wear. Disposable vinyl gloves are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). They are a popular alternative to latex because they are latex free and inexpensive. Vinyl is not as durable as latex and may provide less barrier protection, depending on the substance. Vinyl Protective gloves come in Industrial or Exam Grade. Most gloves are available in Powdered or Powdered Free. We offer the following vinyl protective gloves:

If you are not sure which glove fits your application, download this chemical resistant chart or ask us for technical assistance.

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When you purchase Ammex vinyl gloves from Environmental Equipment & Supply, you qualify for exclusive benefits when you order in bulk. Most Ammex vinyl gloves come in boxes of 100; by purchasing by the case, you’re eligible for free shipping! Orders of 6 cases or more receive a free glove dispenser (shipping not included).  When you buy by the skid, discounts of up to 45% on selected products apply. 

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Vinyl Industrial Gloves

Ammex GlovePlus Powdered Vinyl Industrial Gloves

Ammex GlovePlus - IV
Powdered Vinyl Industrial Gloves

Ammex GlovePlus Powder Free Vinyl Industrial Gloves

Ammex GlovePlus - IVPF
Powder Free Vinyl Industrial Gloves

Ammex GPX3 3 mil Vinyl Powder-free Industrial Gloves

Ammex 3 mil Vinyl - GPX3
Powder Free Industrial Gloves

Vinyl Exam Gloves

Ammex Vinyl Powder Free Exam Gloves

Ammex Vinyl - VPF
Powder Free Exam Gloves

Ammex Stretch Vinyl Powder Free Exam Gloves

Ammex Stretch Vinyl - VSPF
Powder Free Exam Gloves


Vinyl Protective Gloves

As a cost-effective alternative to latex, vinyl protective gloves are designed for short-term use, providing an effective temporary barrier against biological contaminants. Vinyl protective gloves are the ideal option for industries demanding frequent changes, such as non-surgical healthcare providers and the food service industries. Vinyl protective gloves offer both comfort and protection, making them an excellent and high quality alternative to latex protective gloves; plus, they don't present the same allergy concerns as latex gloves often do. They also have added tensile strength and elongation for exceptional durability and flexibility. Sold in a variety of colors, vinyl protective gloves are most often semi-transparent in color. Oftentimes, the food service industry will use different colors in order to prevent cross-contamination.

Exam Vs. Industrial Vinyl Gloves

Exam, otherwise known as medical, grade gloves are used for a variety of applications where the user seeks protection from chemicals and blood borne pathogens such as urine, saliva and blood. Recommended for non-medical purposes, industrial vinyl gloves are typically used in the food service and industrial markets where pathogens are not a concern.