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Franklin Control Panels

Franklin Electric Control Panels


  • UL approved, heavy-duty NEMA 3R enclosure
  • Class R fusible disconnect
  • Service entrance rated
  • Lightning arrestor
  • Motor logic or Franklin SubMonitor protected
  • NEMA contractor
  • Door wind hinge
  • Pilot device and alarm terminal block
  • H-O-A switch
  • Manual push-to-start switch
  • Easy hook-up

Get precision control of your Franklin Electric powered water and irrigation systems with the only control panel built specifically for them! Installation and maintenance is easy with Franklin control panels. With a spacious, simple layout for controlling three-phase Franklin Electric submersible motors, a high-quality, reliable control panel forms the cornerstone of any residential or commercial water system.

System Highlights

Control panels by Franklin Electric are rigorously tested to ensure a robust product. Standard features of a Franklin control panel include the following:

  • Rugged UL approved, heavy-duty NEMA 3R housing enclosure with a door wind hinge.
  • Manually operated push-to-start switch, lightning arrestor, pilot device and alarm terminal block.
  • Hand-off-auto (HOA) switch.
  • Motor Logic solid state overload relays and/or Franklin SubMonitor protection.
  • Class R fusible disconnect.
  • Rated to connect with service entrances.

Franklin control panels are available in configurations ranging from 2 to 200 hp and ratings from 200 to 575 volts. All units and components are designed to be easily installed or integrated into existing water systems.

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Optional Components

A number of optional components allow you to design a Franklin control panel that meets the needs of your water system completely. These include:

  • Pilot lights: Pilot lights can be mounted to the control panel door to indicate whether the power is on or off or if the motor is in operation. Easily visible from the front of the panel, pilot lights are available in red, green, amber and clear casings.
  • Contacts:Auxiliary contacts are available for installing additional control devices. Each order contains a normally open and normally closed contact which can be mounted on either side of the contactor.
  • Padlock attachment: Prevent tampering with your water system controls by installing a padlock over the HOA switch.
  • Analogue-style elapsed time meter: Keep track of the total number of hours on your system's motor with an analogue-style time meter. It makes routine maintenance simple!
  • SubMonitor: A Franklin Electric control panel sub-monitor provides additional protection for three-phase pumping systems by tracking the current, voltage and temperature of your pump motors. It features a real-time digital display that can be detached or installed on the panel door as required.
  • Digital reader: The Omega CN7500 Digital Reader for PT100 sensors provides accurate temperature monitoring of process control equipment. The unit automatically trips the contractor when equipment overheats and restores it when temperatures return to their desired ranges.
  • Control circuit transformer: Use equipment supply voltage to power control circuits such as pilot lights, selector switches and push buttons using a control circuit transformer. Available in NEMA sizes 1 through 5.

The number of available options for Franklin control panels means units can be configured to meet the needs of virtually any water or irrigation system. To put together the ideal system for your application, contact the team at Environmental Equipment & Supply today.