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Duravent Negative Air Blower

Duravent Negative Air Blower


  • Bi-directional blower control: The Novatek Duravent switches from intake to exhaust settings in just seconds.
  • Air capacity: The Duravent has a free air blowing capacity of 860 CFM. Set at 1-90°, it produces 612 CFM; 560 CFM at 2-90°.
  • Power supply: The Duravent requires a 110 volt, 2.4 amp, 60 Hz power supply to run properly.
  • Dimensions: A standard Duravent unit weighs 40 lbs and measures 34” x 12” x 14”.
  • Warranty: Novatek offers a six month warranty on all negative air blowers, Duravent included.

Dent- and leak-proof, the Duravent negative air blower by Novatek sets a new standard for portable air filtration. With 25 feet of ducting hidden inside a 34” x 12” x 14” package, the Duravent is a go-anywhere performer ready for fast deployment in construction, environmental and healthcare job sites. Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply today for pricing information.

Virtually Indestructible Polyethylene Construction

When you invest in a negative air blower, you want equipment that works as hard as you do. The Novatek Duravent is the only portable negative air blower made of rotationally molded, high-impact polyethylene – a lightweight, dent- and leak-proof casing that can easily withstand the rigors of work in the field. Because the unit weighs only 40 lbs, it can be easily moved from site to site with you, all while standing up to the hardships of transportation.

Featuring a Portable Motor That’s Built to Last

The team at Novatek knows that lightweight doesn’t have to mean flimsy. Underneath its rugged plastic interior, the F2000 packs a powerful punch with a 1/3 Hp motor that consistently delivers steady air flow. The motor is thermally protected to ensure maximum fan life and user safety. The F2000’s motor components have been rated to UL (Underwriters Laboratories), CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and DNV standards. Unlike comparable products, the F2000 outputs only 74 dB of noise during normal operation – well below most municipal guidelines for daytime use.


Deploying the Duravent in almost any field condition is simple. Make sure the exterior housing and intake/exhaust ports are free of dust and dirt, and set the unit on a flat surface. Position the Duravent in the center of the worksite, away from any worker access openings. Attach the hose canister to the appropriate intake or output side port if 90° flex deployment is required, then connect the unit to a grounded outlet. The Duravent should run smoothly without any excess noise or vibration. Discontinue use immediately if the unit gets unexpectedly loud or shaky.

Your Nationwide Novatek Dealer

Environmental Equipment & Supply is proud to offer Novatek negative air blowers to customers across the United States. With over 25 years of experience, we know blowers inside and out. Call us today at 1-800-739-7706, and let us match you with the unit that’s right for your needs.

Model Weight 
MotorAir CapacityPowerNoise Level
w/25ft. Ducting & Carrier
40 Lbs.
1/3Hp- Thermally Protected Free Air- 860CFM 1-90°- 612 CFM 2-90°- 560 CFM 110volt, 2.4Amp,60Hz 74 dB