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Grout Pump CG550/030/A

Grout Pump
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Available to rent from Environmental Equipment & Supply, the ChemGrout CG550/030/A is a powerful skid-mounted, air powered grout pump, part of ChemGrout’s “Rugged” series of products. Rent the CG550 by the day, week or month – all units feature low hours and are shipped out fully serviced and ready for use. An affordable alternative to purchasing outright, the CG550 is ideal for one-off applications or short-term jobs. Contact our rental team today for more information.

About the CG550 Grout Pump

The ChemGrout CG550 is a single operator system grout pump featuring a 45 gallon (170 liter) mixing tank, large holding hopper and centrally located controls that allow a single operator to mix, transfer and pump for continuous production. The CG550 efficiently mixes and pumps most pre-packed non-shrink grouts and repair mortars. Suitable materials include bentonite, cement/sand and most slurry products. An air compressor capable of delivering 150 CFM at 100 psi is required for operation.


Rent the CG550 for a number of different applications, including any job where ease of operation and reliable performance is required. Specifically, the CG550 is commonly used in the following industries:

  • Civil engineering: Use the CG550 for soil nailing, installing earth anchors and tiebacks, and rock and cable bolting.
  • Structural engineering: The CG550 can be used to stabilize or raise a foundation, to restore old or damaged buildings, or for soil compaction grouting.
  • General construction: The CG550 is an excellent grout pump for creating a pavement underseal, slabjacking or slab raising.
  • Marine construction: Create underwater and shoreline foundations, breakers, piers and more with a CG550 rental.
  • Mining construction: Rent a CG500 to line tunnels and perform contact grouting and shaft waterproofing in mining sites.
  • Utilities: Utilities contractors rely on the CG550 for waterproofing and slope line grouting, and for creating encasements.
  • Geotechnical: The CG550 can be rented for a number of geotechnical applications, including deep well casing, well sealing and the creation of monitor wells.


There are a number of reasons why the ChemGrout CG550/030/A represents one of the most full-featured grout pumps on the market today, and why it is an ideal choice for short- or long-term rental. Quality construction that lives up to the CG550’s “Rugged” name ensures it will remain reliable even in difficult field conditions. Units feature laminate diagrams and parts lists that are easy-to-read and contribute to the model’s reputation for simple operation. Most of all, ChemGrout’s over 45 year reputation for quality means you can count on the CG550 to deliver results every time.