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Waterra Valves and Flow Systems

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Environmental Equipment & Supply carries a full line of valve products for use with Waterra flow systems. An important part of any inertial pumping setup, Waterra valves can be used to sample or purge groundwater monitoring wells. Cost-effective, efficient and reliable, quality Waterra valves even perform in harsh conditions where other, more expensive equipment fails.

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Standard Flow Waterra Valves
The standard flow series of Waterra valve products rank among the company's most popular offerings. Capable of providing lifts from depths of 150-200 feet at flow rates as high as a gallon/minute, standard flow Waterra valves can be used in 1" and 2" monitoring wells. Operate the valve manually or using a Waterra Lever Pump, Hydrolift-2, PowerPack-PP1 or PowerPump-2 device when greater purge volumes are required. Standard flow valves are especially useful in new monitoring well installations where high tolerance for turbid and silty water is required.


High Flow Waterra Valves
Use Waterra high flow valves in deep wells with a diameter of 2" ID or larger or in any situation where a high pumping rate is required. High flow valves deliver flow rates up to 4 gallons/minute and lift between 250-300 feet. Use Waterra high flow valves with 2" piezometers and surge blocks for removal of silt and sediment produced by the monitoring well development process. Begin at the top of the well screen, and pump until turbidity decreases before lowering the unit between 1-2' and repeating the process. High flow Waterra valves are frequently deployed with an automated actuator and one of the company's many powerful inertial pumps, such as the PowerPump-2.


Low Flow Waterra Valves
When used with a small-diameter piezometer, low flow Waterra valves can lift water from depths of 100 feet at flow rates up to 1/2 gallon/minute. Operate low flow valves by hand or with the Hydrolift-2 inertial pump or Waterra level pump. Because of their small size, Waterra low flow valves can be used for sampling and pumping narrow-diameter wells and boreholes, or in situations where poor recharge and low head level prevent the use of larger valve and pump systems.


Micro Flow Waterra Valves
Suitable for use in direct-push micro well installations, micro flow Waterra valves measure just 3/8" OD. Consisting of a stainless steel SS-10 foot valve attached to HDPE or Teflon® FEP tubing, micro flow valves are typically hand operated and capable of obtaining a sample from as deep as 75 feet at flow rates up to 1/2 gallon/minute. Use a micro flow valve for sampling from damaged or obstructed wells, multi-level installations or any other situation in which accessibility is an issue.


The Waterra Surge Block minimizes the annular gap between the foot valve and the well casing, surging and pumping simultaneously when the pump is operated. Developing wells in this manner is one of the best methods, often resulting in turbidity levels below 10 NTUs.