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Grundfos MQ Pumps: Self-Priming Multistage Pump

Grundfos MQ Pumps: Self-Priming Multistage Pumps
Grundfos MQ Pumps: MQ Pump Performance


Grundfos MQ Pump Brochure

The Grundfos MQ pump is a compact "all in one" constant pressure centrifugal pump.  Designed as a complete water supply system, the MQ pump is perfect for residential, agriculture, or horticulture applications.  The MQ is a complete system, incorporating pump, motor, diaphram tank, pressure switch, controller, and valve all in one plug and pump unit.   The Grundfos MQ pump is a self priming multi-stage centrifugal pump.  The pump will self prime from a well down to a depth of 26 feet.  With its own control system, the MQ has built in protection features like: dry running, over temperature, or electrical overload.  These features prevent motor burnout!  The MQ pump is available in four different sizes.  Easy to use, easy to install making the Grundfos MQ pump advantageous for these applications:

  • in private homes
  • in summer houses or weekend cottages
  • on farms
  • in market gardens or other large gardens
  • for boosting city or other water supplies

The MQ pump features:

  • User friendly contol panel
  • Built in pressure tank
  • Low noise operation
  • Self-priming
  • Flexible discharge connection
  • All in one pressure/booster unit
  • Dry-running protection

Performance and Specifications:

  • Flow: to 20 gpm, head upto 139 feet
  • Weight: 29 pounds
  • Available in 115 and 230 volt single phase
  • Built in thermal protection
  • Inlet pressure - maximum 45 psi
  • System pressure - maximum 109 psi
  • Quiet operation
MQ3-35 3/4hp 115 volt 96860172 $ 965.00
MQ3-45 1hp 115 volt 96860195 $ 994.00
MQ3-35 3/4hp 230 volt 96860201 $ 965.00
MQ3-45 1hp 230 volt 96860207 $ 994.00

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