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Solinst Data Loggers

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Environmental Equipment & Supply is your full service sales and rental provider of Solinst data loggers and telemetry systems. We offer a number of loggers for pumping and slug tests, watershed and drain basin monitoring, mine water and landfill leachate monitoring, as well as any other application where tracking changes in water level, temperature, pressure and conductivity over time is required. We also offer data transfer and telemetry devices that help you log and manage this information with ease.

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Now Available - The Levelogger App & Interface

The Levelogger App Interface is a portable device that attaches to your datalogger and allows you to utilize short-range wireless Bluetooth® technology to connect to your smart device. Download the free Solinst Levelogger App from the App store or Google Play for iProducts or Andoid devices so you can control each data logger from the palm of your hand. Data collection is easy! You can even program and start your datalogger in the field without the need for a bulky laptop.
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Solinst Levelogger Edge
The Levelogger Edge is a full-featured water and temperature monitor that automatically logs data changes over time. Featuring a powerful Hastelloy pressure sensor, a temperature thermistor and lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 10 years of operational life, the Levelogger Edge is built for accurate measurements and long-term performance. The Edge is housed in a titanium-based, corrosion resistant PDC coating and can be used in depths ranging from 6 to 600 feet.

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Levelogger Edge

Solinst LTC Levelogger Junior
The LTC Levelogger Junior is an economical tool for monitoring and logging temperature, conductivity and temperature-compensated water depth. The LTC can store up to 16,000 sets of readings in its internal memory and interfaces easily with Solinst's Levelogger Software. Waterproof and easy to transport and maintain in the field, the LTC combines three devices in one convenient package.

LTC Levelogger Junior

Solinst DataGrabber
The model 3001 DataGrabber for Leveloggers provides an inexpensive, user friendly, portable option for users to collect data and download to a USB flash drive.


Solinst 3001 Levelogger Junior Edge
The most budget-friendly member of the Levelogger family, the 3001 combines a data logger, temperature sensor and pressure transducer in a maintenance-free package. Featuring a calibration guarantee and a five year battery, the 3001 will give you readings accurate to 0.1% FS throughout its operational life.

3001 Levelogger Junior

Solinst 3002 Rainlogger Edge
Fully compatible with Levelogger software and communications systems, the Rainlogger Edgemakes measuring local precipitation and determining peak rainfall events simple. Logging capacity for up to 40,000 sets of readings lets you track rain events for terms up to 10 years. The Rainlogger Edgeis ideal for remote stormwater and watershed management.

3002 Rainlogger

Solinst Telemetry Systems
Working remotely is easy with Solinst Telemetry Systems. Environmental Equipment & Supply offers a number of configurations that let you manage your Solinst devices and transfer data by a radio, cellular or satellite network. Solinst telemetry systems are flexible and easy to set up and involve no monthly fees. Whether your network includes 10 or 100 devices, STS gives you reliable remote control over your data and devices. Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply today for more information.

Telemetry System