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Peristaltic Pumps


Proactive Peristaltic Pump
Peristaltic Pump Prices
Pump Model Number Item Number Price
Alexis® Peristaltic Pump - AC/DC ALXPERRI-20000 51861 $ 1375.00 Order »
Athena® Peristaltic Pump - 12 volt ATHPERI-10000 51860 $ 1160.00 Order »
Electra® Peristaltic Pump - 12 volt ELEPERRI-30000 51859 $ 1060.00 Order »
Peristaltic Pump - Solinst Variable with two different silicone tubing sizes 11140 $ 958.00 Order »
Sample Tubing- 1/8 through 3/4 inch View »
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Peristaltic Pumps from Environmental Equipment & Supply

Peristaltic pumps are useful for a number of environmental operations, including well purging, groundwater sampling and more. Environmental Equipment & Supply has a several models of peristaltic pump for sale as well as all required tubing and accessories. Contact our office between 7am and 6pm, Mondays through Fridays, for help choosing the model that's right for you.

Operating Principles

Peristaltic pumps work by running a tube through a series of rollers. These rollers press against the tube, forcing air out of it and creating a vacuum that draws in liquid for sampling or purging. The faster the rollers turn, the greater volume of liquid is pumped out. Peristaltic pumps deliver continuous, trouble-free operation, making them especially useful for purging VOCs and other contaminants.

Pros and Cons of Peristaltic Pumps

The two main advantages of peristaltic pumps are their ability to pump a continuous flow of liquid and their ease of sterilization. A peristaltic pump can effectively be left alone to do its job, requiring little maintenance or upkeep during the pumping process. Peristaltic pumps are especially easy to sterilize as, unlike other devices, the liquid being pumped through only comes in contact with the tubing. Aside from regular maintenance, such as cleaning the pump valves, no additional work beyond changing the tubing is required to prepare a peristaltic pump for deployment. Peristaltic pumps are not for every job, however. They operate most effectively at low pressures, making them unsuitable for deep water well sampling. Additionally, they are not as precise as other pumps and cannot be counted on to deliver a smooth flow, particularly when operating at lower flow rates.

Pegasus Peristaltic Pumps

Pegasus — an affiliated company of ProActive — produces three models of peristaltic pump suitable for groundwater sampling and other environmental applications. The Electra® is the company's entry-level model; upgrade to the Athena® or the Alexis® and get additional features such as LCD display and internal battery power. All Pegasus pumps feature Masterflex Easyload™ two head design for fast tubing loading.

Solinst Peristaltic Pumps

The Solinst 410 is a powerful peristaltic pump designed for field use. Easy to repair, maintain and deploy even in difficult conditions, the Solinst peristaltic pump is suitable for use at depths up to 33 feet below sea level. Use the Solinst 410 for groundwater, surface water and vapor sampling, or for back-flushing drive point profilers.

Environmental Equipment & Supply Has the Peristaltic Pump for You

For more information about our complete lineup of peristaltic and other environmental water sampling pumps, contact the team at Environmental Equipment & Supply today. With over 25 years of experience, we can help you assess your needs and select the perfect product for your next sampling or purging operation.