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Franklin Electric Constant Pressure Controllers

Constant Pressure Controllers


SubDrive Brochure
SubDrive Brochure
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  • Provides Constant Water Pressure at a Wide Range of Settings (25 To 80 psi)
  • Works With a Standard Pump and Franklin Motor
  • Use Any Brand Pump
  • NEMA 3R or 4 Enclosure
  • Works With Small Pressure Tanks (2 Gal. Minimum Volume) or Larger Tanks Already in Place
  • Water Faucets can be Installed Between Wellhead and Controller
  • Excellent Radio Frequency Interference Shielding
  • Installation as Simple as a Control Box
  • Soft Start Means Less Motor Stress and Longer Motor Life
  • UL Recognized For USA and Canada
  • Built-in Diagnostics and Protection
    - Surge Protection
    - Underload
    - Undervoltage
    - Locked Pump
    - Open Circuit
    - Short Circuit
    - Overheated Controller
  • Smart Reset Technology Allows Well Recovery Before Restarting the Pump

Franklin constant pressure controllers allow you to get the best performance out of your existing well water pumps by providing continuous, reliable water pressure. With a constant pressure controller, inadequate water pressure in your home is no longer an issue. No more weak showers or waiting for the laundry to finish before washing the dishes — the quiet operating MonoDrive and SubDrive offer a range of pressure settings that deliver water to your home without annoying fluctuations.

MonoDrive and MonoDriveXT

Easy to install and featuring a reliable single-phase, three-wire Franklin electric motor, MonoDrive products are available in 1/2, 3/4 and 1 (standard model), and 1.5 and 2.0 (XT) horsepower configurations. MonoDrive constant pressure controllers can be easily retrofitted into your existing pumping system simply by removing the three-wire control box and installing the unit.

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Like the MonoDrive, the Subdrive2W offers selectable horsepower ratings between 1/2 and 1 horsepower. Designed specifically for two-wire systems, the SubDrive2W can be installed by removing the pressure switch on your existing pump and replacing it with the SubDrive unit. The SubDrive2W can be used with any brand of pump.

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SubDrive3-Phase: SubDrive15, 20, 30, 75, 100, 150 and 300

Suitable for residential and light commercial use, the SubDrive series provides high starting torque smoothly and efficiently. Designed for use with three-phase Franklin Electric submersible motors, SubDrive constant pressure systems deliver up to 5 horsepower, making them suitable for use in larger homes, ground source heat pumps and sprinkler and irrigation systems.

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Features and Benefits

Constant pressure controllers by Franklin Electric offer a number of convenient benefits that make them the best choice for regulating water pressure in your home:

    • Adjustable settings from 20-85 psi.
    • Compatible with both small-pressure (two gallon minimum) and larger, pre-installed tanks.
    • Can be used with any brand of pump and motor.
    • Allow for the installation of faucets between the wellhead and the device.
    • NEMA-certified enclosures provide protection from the elements and radio-frequency interference shielding.
    • Soft start feature reduces stress on motor, prolonging the life of all components.
    • Integrated protection from surging, underloading, undervoltage, pump locking, short- or open-circuiting and overheating.
    • "Smart" reset technology gives the well time to recover before the pump is restarted.

SubDrive QuickPak

For everything you need to control water pressure in your home in one convenient package, the SubDrive QuickPak bundles together a motor, pump and drive to make installation simple. All you have to do is choose the model that suits your flow requirement and go! Individual components are easy to install and come with a five year warranty.

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One call to Environment Equipment & Supply is all it takes to remedy low water pressure in the home with a Franklin Electric constant pressure controller. Contact our sales team between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday, for more information.

 Use WithInputOutput
ProductRetrofit Existing?Motor RatingPump RatingInput VoltageHzAmpsVoltage (to motor)HzAmps
MonoDrive Y 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1Ø, 3W 1/2, 3/4, 1 Hp 190-260 V, 1Ø 60/50 5.7A - 11A* Variable, 1Ø Variable (30-60 Hz) 4.0 - 9.0A*
N 1.5 Hp, 230 VAC, 3Ø 3/4 Hp 190-260 V, 1Ø 60/50 12 A Variable, 3Ø Variable (30-80 Hz) 5.9 A
SubDrive150 N 3 Hp, 230VAC, 3Ø 1.5 Hp 190-260 V, 1Ø 60/50 23 A Variable, 3Ø Variable (30-80 Hz) 10.9 A
- 5 Hp, 230 VAC, 3Ø 3 or 5 Hp 190-260 V, 1Ø 60/50 36 A Variable, 3Ø Variable (30-80 Hz) 17.8 A

*amps vary by pump/motor rating