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Waterra Pump Equipment and Piping

Waterra logoWaterra pumps and associated products represent a comprehensive approach to groundwater monitoring designed with field technicians in mind. Accurate and easy to use, Waterra products have, since 1985, been meeting the needs of environmental specialists the world over.

Environmental Equipment & Supply proudly offers Waterra instruments for sale and rent. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your project and we will put together a cost-effective package that meets all your needs.

Waterra Actuators
Both powered and manual Waterra actuators are available from Environmental Equipment & Supply. For a simple, portable way of purging a shallow well in minutes, the hand-operated Waterra Level Pump actuator offers fully adjustable, one-handed operation and can be fit onto almost any size well casing. For purging larger volumes, any of the Hydrolift II, Power Pump 2, PowerLift-3 or PowerPack PP1 automated pumps by Waterra can be used.


Waterra actuators also make excellent water sampling instruments. Use any of the automatic actuators in conjunction with Waterra's high flow foot valves for deep well sampling with lifts up to 300 feet.

Foot Valves
Four types of Waterra foot valves are available from Environmental Equipment & Supply


  • Use the standard flow system in 2" ID monitoring wells at depths up to 150 feet.
  • Low flow Waterra valves are designed for use in narrow piezometers where larger sampling instruments won't fit. Low flow Wattera valves deliver lifts up to 100 feet at rates around ½ gallon/minute.
  • An excellent well development tool and an ideal complement to Waterra powered actuators, high flow valves can be used to pump 2" ID or larger wells. Delivers high flow rates at depths up to 300 feet.
  • The micro flow valve system is a popular choice for deployment in narrow direct-push boreholes. Suitable for use in depths up to 75 feet.

Waterra Piping
As environmental professionals know, the right piping is essential to getting the job done properly. Environmental Equipment & Supply offers high density polyethylene (HDPE), low density polyethylene (LDPE) and PTFE (FEP) Waterra piping in a large number of different diameters for almost any sampling collection or pumping application. Waterra tubing is always made of 100% virgin material to ensure sample integrity at all times.


HydraSleeve is an inexpensive, disposable water sampling tool from Waterra. Use it for discrete interval "core" sampling with very little down-well disturbance. Reduced turbidity and oxidation means higher sample quality at in-situ pressure levels. HydraSleeve samplers can be used for both long- and short-term monitoring applications and are especially useful in constricted wells or boreholes.


For more information about Waterra products, or for help finding the actuator, valve, piping or sample collection product that's right for you, contact Environmental Equipment & Supply today.