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Clearance Products

Discounted and Used Equipment for Sale

Hanna 9829 Water Quality Meter pH/Conductivity/DO/Turbidity/ORP w/ Cable & Flow Cell $1000.00

Well-Vu Fish Eye camera Generator - Discounted


Hilti DD EC-1 Deluxe Coring System
With water collector, very little use $1200.00

Hilti Deluxe Coring System

Waterra PowerPump-2 Pump on sale for $1950.00

The Waterra PowerPump-2 is the most powerful pump actuator manufactured by Waterra. A Honda GX100, 3 horsepower, 4 stroke, gasoline motor powers this device. This actuator generates a 6 inch stroke and can operate both the Standard Flow System and High Flow System to their maximum effective depths.

Waterra Power Pump

Latex Glove Clearance

Ammex Gloveworks Latex Industrial Duty Gloves - TL
SizePart #Price
Small (100/box) TL42100 $ 5.00/box
Medium (100/box) TL44100 $ 5.00/box
Large (100/box) TL46100 $ 5.00/box
X-Large (100/box) TL48100 $ 5.00/box
Ammex Gloveworks Latex Industrial Duty Gloves - TLF
SizePart #Price
Small (100/box) TLF42100 $ 5.00/box
Medium (100/box) TLF44100 $ 5.00/box
Large (100/box) TLF46100 $ 5.00/box
X-Large (100/box) TLF48100 $ 5.00/box
GloveWorks Latex HD 8mil Industrial Gloves - ILHD
SizePart #Price
Small (100/box) ILHD42100 $ 8.00/box
Medium (100/box) ILHD44100 $ 8.00/box
Large (100/box) ILHD46100 $ 8.00/box
X-Large (100/box) ILHD48100 $ 8.00/box
XX-Large (100/box) ILHD49100 $ 8.00/box
GlovePlus Latex Exam Gloves - GPPFT
SizePart #Price
X-Small (100/box) GPPFT40100 $ 7.00/box
Small (100/box) GPPFT42100 $ 7.00/box
Medium (100/box) GPPFT44100 $ 7.00/box
Large (100/box) GPPFT46100 $ 7.00/box
X-Large (100/box) GPPFT48100 $ 7.00/box
Heavy Duty Latex Exam Gloves - ALHD
SizePart #Price
Small (100/box) ALHD42100 $ 8.00/box
Medium (100/box) ALHD44100 $ 8.00/box
Large (100/box) ALHD46100 $ 8.00/box
X-Large (100/box) ALHD48100 $ 8.00/box
XX-Large (100/box) ALHD49100 $ 8.00/box
GlovePlus HD Blue Latex Exam Gloves
SizePart #Price
Medium (100/box) GPLHD84100 $ 8.50/box
Large (100/box) GPLHD86100 $ 8.50/box
X-Large (100/box) GPLHD88100 $ 8.50/box