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Geoprobe Machine Rentals

Geoprobe Rentals

Environmental Equipment & Supply proudly rents Geoprobe machines and accessories for a variety of environmental and industrial applications. Our rental Geoprobe machines are all late-model units which incorporate the newest technologies and efficiencies; all equipment comes fully serviced by our factory-trained technicians so you can be confident your rental unit will get the job done right.


Geoprobe 54LT
Environmental Equipment & Supply is your exclusive rental supplier of the Geoprobe 54LT, a compact and powerful soil probe designed to access places other direct push machines can't. Narrow enough to fit through a 36 inch door frame but with the strength required to extract soil core and groundwater samples from difficult locations, the standalone 54LT packs a lot of punch in a small package.

Geoprobe Model 54LT

Geoprobe 7822DT
The Geoprobe 7822DT expands on the 6620DT with an improved pneumatic hammer that features two-speed bidirectional rotation. The powerful new swing-out augerhead has enough torque to perform heavy-duty work such as surface pavement coring and subsurface rock coring with ease.

Geoprobe Model 7822DT

Other Geoprobe products:
Aside from renting Geoprobe machines for coring and extraction, Environmental Equipment & Supply also provides the following items:

  • Chemgrout CG550: This efficient single-operator mixing tank/holding hopper mixes and dispenses pre-packaged non-shrink grout and repair mortars. 45 gallon capacity.

  • GP300 grout pump: The GP300 grout pump dispenses HRC®, caustic remediation fluid, abrasive grouts and other high-viscosity fluids at rates up to 3.5 gallons/min. Powered by a 9 HP Honda engine, it's corrosion resistant for everyday use.

  • Manual sampling kit: For extracting soil and vapor samples at depths up to 12 feet. The Geoprobe manual extraction kit can be adapted for use with an electric jackhammer or manual drive kit.
ChemGrout CG-550

About Geoprobe Machines
Geoprobe machines and tools are useful for collecting subsurface samples at depths up to 60 feet. Faster and easier to mobilize than traditional drilling equipment, Geoprobe machines are capable extracting 20-40 samples a day when operated properly. All Geoprobe machine rentals from Environmental Equipment & Supply are delivered with the appropriate trailer or truck topper for easy transport to your work site.

Geoprobe GP300 Grout Pump

About Environmental Equipment & Supply
For over 25 years, Environmental Equipment & Supply has been renting Geoprobe machines to customers all over the country. Rental units are available by the day, week or month. Contact us from 7-6, Monday to Friday, for information about rates or for any other questions.