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Horiba OM-71 Water Quality Analyzer

Horiba OM-51 Water Quality Analyzer

Parts & Accessories

  • Printer CBM-210-24PJ100-A w/o cable
  • Printer Cable
  • Printer Paper; 20 rolls per package
  • Printer Ribbon Cartridge, 5/package
  • Serial Cable
  • Soft Case
  • Case Strap
  • Stand, for electrode w/o arm
  • Arm, for electrode stand
  • Connection cover
  • Dissolved Oxygen Zero Calibration Pwd.

The Horiba OM-71 is a portable dissolved oxygen meter with PC/printer output. Featuring the cutting edge sensor technology that has made Horiba a leader in water quality monitoring instruments for over 60 years, the OM-71 portable dissolved oxygen meter is an excellent choice for a variety of field applications, yet it remains precise enough for use in the world’s leading research institutes.

Use the Horiba OM-71 for any project that requires accurate measurement of oxygen (O2), dissolved oxygen (DO) or saturation (SAT.RATIO). The OM-71 is frequently employed for water quality monitoring in production sites used by the mining, agricultural, forestry and fishery industries.

Durable Waterproof Construction

The OM-71 is fully waterproof to IP-67 standards, meaning it can withstand submersion in up to a meter of water. The unit’s DO sensor employs the diaphragm galvanic battery method and is waterproof to up to 10 meters – to fully take advantage of this, an optional 10 m cable is available for use in groundwater monitoring applications. Despite the OM-71’s rugged nature, it weighs only 300 grams, making it extremely portable to and from work sites.

Manage Log Data With Ease

Built for research applications, Horiba OM-71 includes data logging of up to 300 sets of readings. The unit can be connected to a printer or PC using an RS232C output, so you can print out a hard copy of your log data or upload it to a computer for further analysis.

The Horiba OM-71 Redefines “User Friendly”

In the lab or in the field, the OM-71 is designed for ease of use under any condition. A number of self-diagnostic functions give you immediate insight into the unit’s battery voltage, temperature, calibration and LCD condition, so you can plan in advance before heading out into a remote location. Calibration of the OM-71 portable dissolved oxygen meter is simple, too - a supply of zero calibration solution is included with each unit.

Advanced Sensor Technology

The OM-71 employs Horiba’s diaphragm electrode method for obtaining readings more simply than by traditional chemical analysis. Readings are available within the range of 0.00 ~ 19.99mg/L with a 0.01mg/L resolution. From the base DO reading, the unit employs a conversion method to obtain figures for O2 and saturated oxygen.

Buy the OM-51 Water Quality Analyzer Now!

ModelPart NumberPrice
OM-71-2 377772 Call for Pricing
OM-71-10 377771 Call for Pricing
Packing List: Meter, DO electrode, soft case, strap, batteries (LR6 2pcs), instruction manual.
OM-71-2 includes electrode Model 9551-20D (2 meter cable).
OM-71-10 includes electrode Model 9551-100D (10 meter cable).
OM-71-L1 377773 Call for Pricing
Packing List: Meter, Model 9520-10D dissolved oxygen electrode, soft case, strap, batteries (LR6 2pcs), electrode stand, air pump, air pump batteries (UM1 2 pcs), sodium sulfite, styrene container, conical flask, AC adapter, instruction manual.