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RKI Instruments Single-Gas Instruments

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03 Series- Single Gas Monitor
The 03 Series from RKI Instruments provides economical, portable personal protection in hazardous areas. These single gas personal monitors can detect oxygen deficiency, hydrogen sulfide, hydrocarbons, or carbon monoxide. Weighing less than 2.8 ounces, the 03 Series can be clipped on a shirt and are impact, dust, and water resistant.

RKI Instruments 03 Series

Gas Watch 2
Looking for a hands-free single gas monitor? Then look no further than RKI Instruments Gas Watch 2. Able to be worn like a watch, this portable single-gas monitor is inexpensive, convenient personal protection for hydrogen sulfide, oxygen deficiency, or carbon monoxide. Plus, it even tells the time!

RKI Instruments Gas Watch 2

SC-01 - Single Toxic Gas Monitor
Utilizing smart sensor technology, the SC-01 single toxic gas monitor automatically configures and calibrates whenever the sensors are changed. Compact, portable and rugged, the SC-01 is reliable gas detection for countless applications.

RKI Instruments Single Toxic Gas Monitor


RKI Instruments from
Environmental Equipment & Supply

RKI Instruments’ combustible gas detectors and sensors detect dangerous and potentially harmful gas leaks. Properly monitoring and preventing these leaks can save lives. Personal detection devices made by RKI Instruments are a great way to encourage safety.

RKI Instruments’ devices deliver accurate and precise readings users rely on. With convenient and portable designs, single gas detection has never been simpler. RKI Instruments makes pocket-sized, clip-on and wrist models that ensure that the user, who may be moving among different areas, always has the detection needed to ensure safety.

RKI Instruments Single-Gas Instruments

03 Series

The 03 Series are individual gas detectors that can detect combustible hydrocarbons, oxygen deficiency, hydrogen sulfide, or carbon monoxide. Each single gas detector is lightweight and pocket-sized for easy transportation. Plus there is a battery life of up to two years! The low battery alarm helps ensure the operator has ample time to change the battery before detection stops. The entire series, sold separately, is available from Environmental Equipment & Supply.

The GasWatch 2

The GasWatch 2 is conveniently packaged to be worn on the operator’s wrist, pant loop, hard hat or clothing. The gas watch is available in three models that detect oxygen deficiency, carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide. The built-in alarm immediately alerts the operator to a dangerous gas situation with vibrations, sound and visual cues. Plus, the GasWatch 2 single gas monitor comes with a two year warrantee. Contact us today for a quote!

SC-01 Single Toxic Gas Monitor

The RKI Instruments SC-01 Single Toxic Gas Monitor is able to detect ammonia, arsine, carbon monoxide, chlorine, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, phosphine and sulfur dioxide. Environment Equipment & Supply offers models with alligator clips and belt clips for easy, hassle-free transportation. This device is lightweight and is designed for longevity. This device lasts up to 250 hours with continuous operation. It operates 2 AA alkaline batteries. Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply to rent or purchase this single gas monitor today!

Single-Gas Instruments from Environmental Equipment & Supply

Environmental Equipment & Supply proudly carries RKI Instruments’ single gas detectors and monitors. For quotes and assistance please call 1.800.739.7706 or complete this online form. We are happy to answer your RKI Instruments single gas detector questions. Don’t hesitate, contact us today!