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RKI Instruments Multi-Gas Instruments

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GX 2009
Weighing less than 5 ounces and able to fit in the palm of your hand, the GX-2009 from RKI Instruments is the lightest and smallest 4 gas monitor in the world. Don't let its small size fool you; this confined space monitor is packed with the latest in gas detection technology. The GX-2009 is also available with a MSHA rating.

RKI Instruments GX 2009

Gas Tracer
Featuring a built-in sample pump, the Gas Tracer by RKI Instruments is designed with high-quality micro-sensor technology to provide early detection of hazardous gases. Use as a confined space, leak check or barhole gas detector.

RKI Instruments Gas Tracer

GX 2012
This multi-gas detector has two operating modes, normal to be used for confined spaces and bar hole. This personal 5 sensor gas monitor comes with a built-in sample pump.

RKI Instruments GX 2012

This one to six gas monitor is more versatile than other instruments on the market, offering over 400 gas monitoring configurations. Simple to use, accurate and rugged, the Eagle is a powerful solution for almost any gas monitoring situation.

RKI Instruments Eagle

Gas detection and monitoring is a sensitive industry and requires dependable products. Trust RKI Instruments to deliver multi-gas monitoring that is trustworthy and reliable. With decades of experience, RKI Instruments understands the importance of accurate gas detection. As an industry leader and the leading gas detection manufacturer, RKI delivers accurate and reliable multi gas protection. Choose a long standing, proven effective brand when safety is on the line. RKI Instruments from Environmental Equipment and Supply is a reliable solution.

RKI's multi-gas detectors and monitors are a cost effective solution to your gas monitoring needs. Some multi gas models have the ability to monitor up to 6 different gases, which can save you time and money. With less equipment and coordination, your team can finish jobs faster. Consolidate your old single gas detectors and buy one multi-gas detector to address all your gas detecting and monitoring needs.

Think your multi gas situation is unique? RKI's multi gas monitors are a perfect solution. Environmental Equipment and Supply supplies RKI models for a wide variety of applications and needs. For a light weight and portable solution, the GX 2009 is less than five ounces. It is the lightest and smallest gas monitor like it in the world! The Eagle is built for versatility and offers over 400 gas monitoring configurations. For confined space, leak check or barhole detection, the Gas Tracer gets the job done. And the GX2012 personal monitor has a built in sample pump. Whatever you needs, Environmental Equipment and Supply can supply you with the right RKI multi gas monitor or detector.

If you have questions about RKI's multi-gas detectors and monitors, Environmental Equipment and Supply can help. You can call our team of experts toll free at 800.739.7706, submit an online contact form. At Environmental Equipment and Supply, we are happy to assist you with any general or technical questions you may have. Contact us today!