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Safety - Hard Hats, Hearing Protection, First Aid Kits, Eyewash, & more

Tyvek Suits and Other Safety Equipment

When you're working in confined spaces or harsh field conditions, you need to know your safety – and that of your team – is being protected at all times. On the job accidents will always be a reality of environmental field work, but with proper protective equipment, you can manage risk and mitigate losses due to employee injury.

For over 25 years, Environmental Equipment & Supply has been the professional's choice for everything you need in the field. We proudly supply not just the instruments and equipment required to get the job done right, but also the protective clothing and accessories to stay safe while doing it.

Tyvek Suits and Protective Clothing

You'll find a full selection of Tyvek suits in our online store, in sizes ranging from large to XXX-large. Comfortable, durable and built to withstand abrasions laminate or coated products can't, Tyvek suits offer long-lasting protection against dry particulate hazards. Tyvek suits feature an elastic waistband and are reinforced in high-stress areas to ensure durability while maintaining freedom of movement.

We carry both standard coveralls and full-body Tyvek suits with hoods and booties. The superior protection offered by Tyvek suits makes them a natural fit for a variety of professional applications, including general maintenance and cleanup, manufacturing, lead and asbestos abatement, hazardous waste removal and emergency medical services. Tyvek suits meet California state requirements for use in pesticide applications.

Hard Hats, Safety Glasses and Hearing Protection

Protect your head and your ears with our selection of affordable hard hats, ear plugs and safety glasses. We have a number of choices to ensure you get the best protection for the job at hand, including visor- and cap-style hard hats, clear and tinted goggles and corded and uncorded ear plugs.

Fall Protection Equipment

Working at heights or in confined spaces requires support you can count on. When it comes to protecting workers, French Creek products have remained the industry standard for over 20 years. Environmental Equipment & Supplies carries French Creek harnesses, lifelines, roofing kits, ladder systems, shock absorbers and confined space rescue systems, suitable for use in a number of different environments.

Field Sampling Equipment

Staying protected from physical hazards is an important component of on-the-job safety, but for environmental professionals, chemical exposure is another significant threat that must be properly mitigated. We offer a complete selection of multigas monitors, confined space gas monitors and radiation detectors, designed for portability and deployment in the field, so you can remain aware of chemical hazards and take appropriate steps to maintain your safety.

Contact our team today for more information about Tyvek suits and other protective clothing, field sampling equipment, first aid kits and other products essential for staying safe on the job.

Orange Hard Hat Safety ProductsFull Brim Hard Hat Safety Products
Hard Hats
Part Number Price
Hard Hat, Cap, MSA V-Guard, white with Fas-Trac Suspension 18452 $ 16.50 Order »
Hard Hat, Cap, MSA Hi-Viz Orange with Fas-Trac Suspension 18457 $ 15.50 Order »
Hard Hat liner (great for cold weather) 18456 $ 6.50 Order »
Face Shield, Fits Above Hard Hat 18450 $ 13.50 Order »
Visor for Face Shield 18451 $ 3.25 Order »
Face Shield, Not for Use w/Hard Hats 42198 $ 15.50 Order »
Visor for Face Shield 42199 $ 7.20 Order »
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Hearing Protection
Hearing Protection
Part Number Price
QB2 Head Band Ear Protection 40262 $ 4.75 Order »
Ear Brand Ear Plugs, Uncorded Yellow, NRR33 (200/Box) 23457 $ 34.00 Order »
Ear Plugs, Howard Leight MAX-30, Corded Orange, NRR33 (100/Box) 11129 $ 24.00 Order »
Howard Leight, Uncorded Max, Orange (200/box) 11131 $ 36.00 Order »
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Other Safety Items
Part Number Price
Miracool Bandana 46027 $   4.25 Order »
First Aid Kit, 25-Person 18486 $ 39.45 Order »
Eyewash Kit, 16-oz Single Bottle, Wall Hang Kit 18484 $ 27.90 Order »
Eyewash Replacement Bottle (16 oz.) 50594 $   9.95 Order »
Poison Oak & Ivy Towelettes (50/box) 11202 $ 57.50 Order »
Sunscreen Towelettes, SPF 30 (50/box) 11201 $ 50.00 Order »
Caution Tape, 3" x 1000' 18712 $ 11.50 Order »
Fire Blanket w/ case 11456 $ 68.00 Order »
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