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Geode Seismograph - Seismic Recorder

Most Popular Geode Seismograph - Seismic Recorder


  • Versatile Seismic Recorder: Petroleum exploration and monitoring, engineering studies, depth to bedrock, fault and fracture location, hydrologic investigations, research and teaching.
  • Ultra Light-weight: 8 lb., 3.6 kg, modules are easy to carry and deploy.
  • Available with Horizontal Shear or Vertical Compression Geophones
  • Take-Out Cables available in 5 foot, 10 foot and 20 foot spacing.
  • Expandable: Available with 3 to 24 channels per module; connect more modules to build low cost distributed systems up to 1000 channels.
  • Infrared port
  • Unmatched Specifications: 24 bit, ultra-high resolution 20 kHz bandwidth (8 to 0.02 ms sampling), low distortion (0.0005%), low noise (0.2uV), stacking accuracy (1/32 of sample interval).
  • Very Rugged: Passes MIL810E vibration test, survives 1.5m drop onto concrete in 14 orientations, submersible.
  • Easy Interface: Connects to any laptop or PC via standard network port or interfaces with Geometrics' new StrataVisor NZ series seismographs for professional applications in harsh environments. Plug the Geode into your building network and operate it remotely.
  • Noiseless Digital Transmission: Data transmitted from Geodes digitally on light, inexpensive cable, eliminating heavy, noise prone analog lines.
  • Complete Performance and Line Testing: Built-in test finds bad geophones, cables. Interfaces with Geometrics field portable test oscillator when specifications verification is required.

The new Geode seismic recorder is the next generation of seismic recording system, combining the best of Geometrics' traditional seismic recorders with the flexibility and convenience of a distributed system. It's ideal for refraction or reflection, downhole or VSP - even tomography surveys.

Prep FeeDailyWeeklyMonthly
Geode Seismograph $ 135 $ 105 $ 450 $ 1,600 Rent »
AccessoriesPrep FeeDailyWeeklyMonthly
Geophone 4.5Hz, Vertical Compression - set of 24 $ 80 $ 20 $ 100 $ 350 Rent »
Geophone 10Hz, Vertical Compression - set of 24 $ 80 $ 20 $ 100 $ 350 Rent »
Geoprobe 28 Hz, Vertical Compression - set of 24 $ 80 $ 20 $ 100 $ 350 Rent »
Geophone 14Hz, Horizontal Shear - set of 24 $ 80 $ 20 $ 100 $ 350 Rent »
12 Channel Take Out Cables - 5', 10' & 20' Spacing $ 25 $ 8 $ 25 $ 85 Rent »
24 Channel Take Out Cables - 10' Spacing $ 50 $ 16 $ 50 $ 170 Rent »

Place a Geode module out on the line close to the geophones or well head and eliminate long, expensive analog cables. Never hassle with poor connections and bad roll box contacts when doing a reflection survey. And when you are not using the Geode for exploring, use it for monitoring earthquakes, quarry blasts or vibration from heavy equipment.

Geode architecture and Geometrics software lets you build seismic recording systems from 3 to 1000 channels with multiple lines and built-in roll capability. The low power Geodes even have an on-board hardware correlator that can be used for swept sources and MiniSosie (psuedo-random) surveys and compress data before transmission. The Geode seismic modules house from 3 to 24 channels each, weigh only 8 lbs.(3.6 kg) and interconnect using inexpensive digital network cable. The Geode will run all day on a small 12v battery and sleeps when not in use.

For light-duty applications, you can run the Geode from your laptop to view, record, and process your data. The software interfaces to the Geode as a simple high-speed network device, eliminating the need for special drivers and cards. For more demanding applications where ruggedness and reliability are key, use the Geode in combination with Geometrics' StrataVisor NZ series seismographs.

And because getting the answer is key, Geometrics bundles the Geode with a suite of no-charge industry-standard professional software that expands you capabilities for commercial or research applications.