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Authorized Franklin Electric Submersible Pump Dealer

With over twenty years proven reliability, 3200 Series and Sandhandler Tri-Seal pumping systems provide solutions 1/2 hp to 5hp with depths up to 900 feet. All Franklin Electric submersible pumps come with reliable Franklin motors. When you need to get the job done, Franklin Electric submersible pumps. Environmental Equipment and Supply also sells reliable Franklin Electric control panels and boxes.

Franklin Electric Sandhandler Tri-Seal Pumps - The Best Submersible Pump
Sandhandler submersible pumps by Franklin are built to be tough and ready for demands of a water well in an abrasive environment.

Sand or grit damages most pumps in a short period of time, Sandhandler pumps can take the abuse. All Sandlhandler, Franklin pumps come with new "TRI-SEAL" floating stage system with three independent seals that give you a high performance pump that's designed to last.

Franklin Electric Pumps: Series V Submersible Residential Pumps

Franklin Electric Constant Pressure Controllers
MonoDrive and SubDrive controllers work with your existing  well pump to provide you constant water pressure.

Franklin Electric Constant Pressure Controllers

Franklin Submersible Electric Pumps: 3200 Series
Economical, high performance, submersible utility pumps, with flawless performance you would expect. Geared for the home owner in sizes from 5, 7 and 10 gallons per minute.

3200 Series Submersible Pumps

Franklin Electric SubDrive QuickPAK
This all-in-one system comes complete with a motor, pump and drive, simplifying the installation of a constant pressure system. The SubDrive QuickPAK works with large or small pressure tanks and an extended warranty is available on all components.

Franklin Electric SubDrive QuickPAK

Franklin Electric Submersible Pump - FPS 4400 Radials 6"

- Heavy-duty stainless steel discharge head and motor bracket
- Stainless steel shaft, shell, intake screen and cable shield for corrosion resistance and longer life
- Stainless steel wear ring and Urethane floating eye seal for improved performance and efficiency
- Glass-filled Noryl® impeller stage assemblies provide incredible strength and durability
- Ceramic shaft sleeve and rubber discharge bearing minimizes bearing wear and shaft misalignment without affecting pump efficiency

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Franklin Electric Submersible Pump

Franklin Electric Controllers
Optimized for water and irrigation applications, Franklin's heavy duty three-phase panels are from 3 to 200 hp, in ratings from 200 to 575 Volts. The spacious layout makes installation and maintenance simple and easy, so there's no need to spend time wrestling with wires, and adding components is easy. With a Franklin three-phase control panel, you can be sure that your system is set-up according to Franklin's recommendations.

Franklin Electric Control Panels

Franklin Electric Control Boxes
Franklin Electric control boxes were manufactured to work with 3-wire Franklin submersible motors from 1 to 15 horsepower. If the water system uses level switches, standard or heavy-duty switches, or other pilot devices, these control boxes are ideal. Optimized to specifically work Franklin submersible pump motors, Franklin Electric control boxes have a capacitor run and start design. UL 778 recognized and CSA certified for 60 Hz models, the boxes can be mounted outdoors. To eliminate the necessity for hiring external contractors, deluxe Franklin control boxes have magnetic line connectors that carefully match the motor rating.

Franklin Electric Control Boxes

Franklin Electric Submersible Pump - FPS ST Series 6" and 8"

- 100% Franklin factory tested
- Premium ductile iron casting for longer life and higher pressures.
- Longer discharge and motor bracket bearings for increased pump life.
- Spiral cutlass rubber intermediate bearings designed for harsh environments.
- 416 Stainless Steel Franklin pump shaft ground and polished for maximum durability.
- Investment cast stainless steel impellers for maximum abrasion resistance.

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Franklin Electric Submersible Pump