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707 VES Portable Pilot System Rental

707 VES Portable Pilot System
$ 300 $ 750 $ 1,500


707 Brochure
707 Brochure
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Environmental Equipment & Supply rents Vacuum Extraction Systems for soil vapor extraction (SVE) pilot test units to assist you in determining the most suitable remedial technology for contaminated soil and ground water projects. Once your test is complete, the data collected will help you determine a long term system best suited for your project. Carbon for off-gas treatment is also available.

Accessories- Flow Sensor, Temperature gauge, Pressure gauge, Vacuum Gauge, Intake Valve, Magnehelic Gauges

Model 7073-XP
Blower model EN707F2XL
Maximum SCFM 280 @ 0' Water Column
Minimum SCFM 85 @ 87" Water Column
Horsepower 5
Voltage 230/460 volt, 3 phase
Maximum Blower Amps 17 Start Up
Running Amps 8
Intake Pipe Size 3 inch
Discharge Pipe Size 2 inch
Dimensions 68"L x 21" W x 23" High