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Latex Gloves

For the difference between Nitrile, Latex,
and Vinyl Protective gloves, download
the Ammex chemical resistant chart.

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Environmental Equipment & Supply stocks Ammex Latex gloves and can usually ship the same day. You can trust Ammex Latex gloves for both durability and protection. Disposable latex gloves provide superior barrier protection and are durable. For form, fit and function, latex gloves are the best. If latex allergy is a concern, choose either nitrile or vinyl. Latex protective gloves come in Industrial or Exam Grade. Most gloves are available in Powdered or Powdered Free. We offer the following latex protective gloves:

If you are not sure which glove fits your application, download this chemical resistant chart or ask us for technical assistance.

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Latex Industrial Gloves

Industrial Latex Gloves

Ammex Gloveworks Latex Industrial Duty Gloves - TL
Powdered (100/Box)

Ammex Latex Gloves

Ammex Gloveworks Latex Industrial Duty Gloves - TLF
Powder Free (100/Box)

Latex Industrial Gloves

GloveWorks Latex HD 8mil Industrial Gloves - ILHD
Powder Free (100/Box)

Latex Exam Gloves

Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves

GlovePlus Latex Exam Gloves - GPPFT
Powder Free (100/Box)

Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves

Disposable Ammex Heavy Duty Latex Exam Gloves - ALHD
Powder Free (100/Box)

Disposable GlovePlus Powder-Free HD Blue Latex Exam Gloves

Disposable GlovePlus HD Blue Latex Exam Gloves
Powder Free (50/Box)


Latex Protective Gloves

Due to their resistance to puncturing, latex protective gloves serve as an ideal barrier against biological contaminants. Created from natural rubber, latex is known to offer the greatest fit of any of the disposable gloves. Due to the increasing number of latex allergies, many food service providers have switched to either disposable nitrile gloves or vinyl protective gloves. Although, latex protective gloves still remain the glove of choice by most healthcare providers, mainly because they offer a strong combination of chemical resistance and barrier protection at an economical price. Latex protective gloves are typically white in color, but are also sold in black, blue and a variety of other colors. Healthcare applications prefer white to reflect the sanitary environment, while other industries prefer black, which hides the appearance of chemical stains.

Latex Protective Gloves - Powder Vs. Powder Free

Our latex protective gloves are offered powdered or powder-free. Powdered gloves are typically easier to put on and take off, in addition to having a longer shelf life. Powder-free gloves can eliminate powder induced irritation and the residue after removal. Plus, a powder-free glove is less likely to spread allergens.

Why do powder-free latex protective gloves cost more?

During the manufacturing process, powder is used to prevent gloves from sticking together, which is fairly inexpensive. When creating a powder-free glove, more costly processes must take place to make the gloves easier to don without powder.