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Rent Environmental Instruments from Environmental Equipment & Supply

ppbRAE 3000Environmental Equipment & Supply is your one-stop shop for environmental instrument rentals. Why buy when you can rent? We carry a wide variety of high-quality rentals including the following: radiation monitors, photo-ionization detectors, air and water monitoring instruments, radiation detectors, safety equipment, sampling equipment, geophysics equipment, data logging instruments and more. Our environmental instrument rentals are made by today's leading manufacturers, such as Grundfos, Franklin Electric, Photovac, Heron, RAE Systems, Ludlum, Geode, Borehole and Solinst. All of our environmental instruments are calibrated, ready for use and guaranteed dependable. For your convenience, Environmental Equipment & Supply offers daily, monthly and weekly prices. For quality environmental instruments you can rely on, rent environmental instruments from Environmental Equipment and Supply.

Radiation Monitors Offer Protection
To ensure the safety of your surroundings, radiation monitors check your facilities, personnel and property for radioactive contamination from sources in the environment. Need an alternative to buying? Renting radiation monitors gives you access to quality equipment without having to invest in a monitor or pay maintenance fees. Whether you require a reliable radiation monitor to detect gamma rays or for general purpose survey, we guarantee all of our radiation monitors are fully calibrated and ready to use. Rent a radiation monitor from Environmental Equipment & Supply today.

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Sampling Equipment Rentals

Hanna 9829 MultiparameterLooking for sampling equipment rentals from all the top requested manufacturers? Horiba, YSI, Solinst, Heron, Grundfos, Proactive, Waterra, Masterflex and Fultz are some of the manufacturers we have available for rent at Environmental Equipment and Supply. Whether you are searching for pumps or interface probes, Environmental Equipment & Supply offers an entire line of sampling equipment rentals with daily, weekly and monthly rates. Get high quality, ready to use sampling equipment rentals at a fraction of the cost of purchasing. If you need technical assistance and are unsure which product fits your application, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-739-7706 to speak with one of our customer service professionals. We can answer your questions and provide professional recommendations.

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EntryRAE Gas Monitor

Safety Equipment Rentals Protect Workers

With so many employees dedicating their time to a common goal, accidents can happen, which can result in a significant expense for any company. Employees can be out for days and medical expenses can quickly skyrocket. It's for this reason, among other obvious reasons, why safety is one of the biggest concerns in the workplace, with federal organizations like OSHA in place to guarantee a worker's safety. Environmental Equipment & Supply can help! We offer a full line of safety equipment rentals to keep your workers safe. Whether you need to rent them for one day or many months, we have rates to fit your safety needs. Some of the safety equipment we rent includes, air monitors, confined space equipment, safety harnesses, respirators, confined space blowers, HEPA vacuums, safety cones, manhole lifters and more.

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Peristaltic PumpSupport Rentals

Environmental Equipment & Supply also carries a large selection of support rentals, including submersible pumps, pump accessories, water meters, generators, compressors, support equipment, heavy equipment and geoprobes. Rent them daily, weekly or monthly. Our equipment is fully calibrated, tested and ready for field use. Call today to reserve quality equipment that you can depend on!

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Borehole Camera, Laval Underground, R-CAM 1000Geophysics Equipment Rental

Environmental Equipment & Supply provides quality geophysics equipment including land streamers, borehole cameras, borehole loggers, generators, profilers, global positioning systems, as well as the most requested ground penetrating radar equipment. We offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals to accommodate your job needs. If you need a lightweight ground penetrating radar system, the StructureScan™ Mini HR offers a 3D image of the subsurface structure. If you need to check the condition of a well, the Laval Underground Borehole Camera offers a comprehensive 360 degree view. Contact Environmental Equipment & Supply for all your Geophysics needs!

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Environmental Equipment & Supply offers unsurpassed technical assistance for our environmental instruments, equipment and accessory rentals. We understand your industry and equipment needs. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns.