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Geostuff Land Streamer with Geophones

Geostuff Land Streamer
Prep FeeDailyWeeklyMonthly
$ 125 $ 95 $425 $ 1,500


  • Efficient, productive seismic exploration
  • Reflection, refraction and MASW surveys
  • Fits all popular geophones, even 3-component
  • Abrasion-resistant steel tripod base for stability
  • Kevlar®-reinforced webbing with cable tie points

Environmental Equipment & Supply rents the Land Streamer from Geostuff. The Land Streamer comes with 4.5 Hz Kooter style vertical compression Geophones. A Land Streamer is an array of geophones designed to be towed along the ground. The name originates from marine streamers which are strings of hydrophones towed behind boats for marine seismic surveys. Land geophysicists have long envied the high productivity achieved in marine surveys. Now, highly-productive reflection, refraction, and surface-wave surveys can be achieved on land. Our Land Streamer comes pre-set at 5 foot spacing and is split in the middle for ease of handling. It connects in the middle to make a 24 phone array.

Geostuff Land Streamer


For quality data and information, you can trust the Geostuff Land Streamer. Keeping track of reconnaissance survey miles has never been easier. One of the best things about the Geostuff Land Streamer is its durability. The steel tripod base is abrasion-resistant and sturdy. There is also Kevlar®-reinforced webbing with cable tie points for stability. The webbing helps secure the wires in place.

The Land Streamer with Geophones is efficient and productive for seismic exploration. It fits all popular geophones, even three component geophones. If you are not sure if your geophone will work, please contact one of our specialists toll free at 1.800.739.7706.

Environmental Equipment & Supply has fixed prices for preparation, daily and monthly rates helps keep you on budget. Fixed costs prevent hidden and variable cost surprises. Environmental Equipment & Supply offers fair per-day prices to help provide price transparency. Renting a Geostuff Land Streamer is cheaper than buying new or used and also helps to you receive a quality working product. Used products can be unreliable and break often. All Environmental Equipment & Supply rentals come fully serviced and ready for use.

The Land Streamer from Geostuff ships easily in two cases and comes with cables to connect to a Geode Seismograph when carried in the vehicle.

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