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In-Situ BaroTROLL® Instruments

BaroTROLL® Instruments
BaroTROLL® Instrument
Rugged BaroTROLL®

In-Situ's BaroTROLL® and Rugged BaroTROLL® offer a powerful solution for monitoring and logging barometric pressure and temperature. Get advanced functionality by connecting the BaroTROLL® to a Level TROLL® or Rugged TROLL® instrument, or by using proprietary Win-Situ® Baro Merge™ software to correlate and correct data readings based on barometric fluctuations.


BaroTROLL® and Rugged BaroTROLL® can be used in any situation where accurate barometric data is required. Common uses include multi-step aquifer testing and a variety of atmospheric research. BaroTROLL® instruments are used to log and monitor barometric pressure and temperatures, and to calculate barometric efficiency. Both the BaroTROLL® and Rugged BaroTROLL® are built for long-term deployments of up to five years or 2 million readings.

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Rugged BaroTROLL®

Powerful yet affordable, the Rugged BaroTROLL® includes a number of advanced features not usually found in a barometric instrument at its price point. Suitable for use as a self-contained instrument or in conjunction with a with a Rugged TROLL® 100 or 200 instrument, the Rugged BaroTROLL® gives you the data you need to compensate water level readings due to changes in barometric pressure. Data from the Rugged BaroTROLL® can also be entered into Baro Merge™ software to post-correct data.


  • Titanium housing provides corrosion resistance in harsh conditions.
  • 1.03 in. (2.62 cm.) diameter casing gives accurate readings in narrow environments
  • Suitable for use with low-cost suspension cables.
  • Hangar system allows for long-term deployment.


The full-featured BaroTROLL® offers a number of significant upgrades over the Rugged BaroTROLL®, including a thinner design capable of fitting into wells or tubing as narrow as 1 in. in diameter. The BaroTROLL® is intended for use in single or multiple deployments of non-vented (absolute) LevelTROLL® instruments to automatically compensate for changes in barometric pressure. Like the Rugged BaroTROLL®, the BaroTROLL® can also be used in conjunction with Baro Merge™ software.


  • 0.72 in. (1.83 cm.) all-titanium housing for accurate use in a wide number of harsh conditions.
  • Highly precise internal sensors monitors changes in barometric pressure as they happen.
  • Expanded connectivity with SCADA and telemetry systems with built-in Modbus/RS485, SDI-12 and 4-20 mA connections.
  • Ultra-low power system provides five years/2 million readings of operational life.
  • Good for use in long-term deployments.

BaroTROLL® Instruments Available from Environmental Equipment & Supply

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